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Car insurance fraud case

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Today, more and more people buy cars, and the incidence of traffic accidents is getting higher and higher. Cars are an essential means of transportation for people to travel now. Everyone who buys a new car will always be insured for their car and will be protected for the future. However, there are a lot of car owners in the case of claims settlement involving a lot of fraud insurance, here, I hope that everyone will take the lead, never learn! According to Article 198 of the Criminal Law of the Republic of China: the insured, the insured or the beneficiary shall make fraudulent reasons for the false occurrence of the insured accident or exaggerate the extent of the loss; or the insured shall be insured If a person or a beneficiary makes up an insurance accident that has not occurred and defrauds the insurance premium, it constitutes a fraud insurance. Drunk driving, unlicensed driving, driving license, driver's license without annual inspection, vehicle not inspected, and insurance expired. Take the vehicle's annual inspection as an example. Insurance is only valid for qualified vehicles. Vehicles that are not inspected annually can only be regarded as unqualified vehicles. Some car owners are on time inspections, during which an accident or lost car, in order to obtain insurance compensation, did not immediately report the case, but quickly complete the inspection procedures and then apply for a claim! The other reasons are the same. Take insurance or private. In the event of an accident with other vehicles, the other party is fully responsible and proposes 1500 private, and the other party agrees to private, and the insurance company is fully responsible, and the insurance company pays to repair the car. Loss during repairs does not pay. After the maintenance or repair, the owner accidentally hits the tree in the field when he drives away. In order to obtain compensation, the accident site is moved to the tree beside the city road. The car was damaged by the car. The glass was cracked by the perfume bottle inside the car, and the car owner could not be compensated. Therefore, the owner drove the car intentionally, and claimed that the glass was broken when the impact occurred, and compensation was obtained. The person in the car was hurt by the contents of the car. The driver of the brakes hit the steering wheel with the large crystal in the head, and the head broke the blood flow. In order to obtain compensation, find a familiar friend to pretend to be the perpetrator, play the victim himself, forge the perpetrator's full responsibility, and take the friend's insurance. The person who took the full responsibility was released without paying. The party fled and failed to photograph the license plate number of the other party and could not obtain compensation. The cause of the accident was then described as accidentally hitting the roadblock. The husband did not pay for the loss. The husband directed his wife to reverse the car. The wife mistakenly braked the throttle, causing her husband's legs to be broken. Since the insurance company does not pay for this kind of accident, it is necessary to find a familiar friend to pretend to be the driver and obtain insurance.


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