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Some friends, what is most concerned about now is the insurance for the personal accident insurance of railway passengers. Where is it easier to buy insurance? How can I get a reasonable travel guarantee? Traffic Accident Insurance Traffic Accident Insurance is a death or disability caused by an accident when the insured person is on a public transport such as an airplane, train, ship or bus. When you sell online, you are free to choose the transportation you need to take. The insurance premium varies depending on the insurance period and different modes of transportation. You can travel for 7 days and the price ranges from a few to a dozen. It should be noted that most of the insurance liability for vehicle insurance does not include the accidental injury medical part. Travel Insurance Travel insurance is another option for travel protection. The basic 7-day insurance premium is only a few, to cover accidental disability, death, accidental medical treatment and hospitalization subsidies; to protect the comprehensive insurance insurance for 7 days, the insurance premium is dozens, except for the above-mentioned several insurance liabilities. It also added medical transportation and food delivery, consolation fee subsidies, personal responsibilities, etc.; the insurance premium for foreign travel insurance is even higher. Comprehensive Accident Insurance In fact, it is better to purchase all types of insurance than to purchase a comprehensive accident insurance once a year. Accident insurance covers accidents caused by disability, death, accidental medical treatment, accidental hospitalization allowance, etc., one year insurance premium is generally two or three hundred, some accident insurance will also include major diseases into the scope of protection, of course, the rate of such insurance will Slightly higher. The insurance products of insurance companies are not the same in terms of rates and insurance liabilities. Friends who need to purchase insurance can log in to the official website of each insurance company and choose their own risk situation and security status. Special reminder: First, you should read the insurance clause before purchasing insurance, and clearly understand the insurance liability and exclusion responsibility. Second, the purchase of accident insurance can not simply consider the price factor, and more should be considered from the perspective of the protection that it needs; third, some insurance will Accidents caused by high-risk sports are excluded, so friends with high-risk sports preferences should pay special attention when purchasing insurance.


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