Medical card is very important Foreign students should be in

Many international students bought compulsory medical insurance before going to Australia, but they are not familiar with its use, or found many doubts in use. Some immigrants are worried that the public medical services they enjoy are not good enough. Some “cars” also blindly give the car a lot of insurance, but they don’t know much about the payment.

International students: Be sure to purchase medical insurance

This is a medical insurance system (OSHC) for international students. For international students, this is a protective measure; for the Australian government, it can guarantee that it will not pay extra medical expenses for international students, so everyone knows why this insurance is mandatory for international students. As for which insurance company to insure, the government will not interfere, as long as it is a formal and legal insurance company can get the same protection, and the price and scope of the protection is small, the service is similar, the foreign students only need to review the insurance company before buying insurance. Qualifications are fine. It is recommended that international students choose an insurance company that facilitates their own refund and reimbursement. They can choose according to their geographical location, such as being close to their home or school, or some roads that you may pass frequently.

This insurance must be purchased before you go to Australia, as the insurance coverage must cover all visa time. It should be noted that the doctors and medicines in Australia are separate, which means that medical insurance can only reimburse you for the registration fees, outpatient fees, etc. of the doctor, but the medical expenses need to be fully paid by the students themselves. And you should not expect that all medical expenses can be reimbursed. The scope of general refund depends on the items you are checking. For example, X-ray and blood tests can report 80%-85%, but CT reports are few, basically less than half. .

If an international student has a minor illness such as a cold, he may go to the school's “infirmary” for medical treatment. Australian universities have their own medical service centers. When international students are sick or worried about their health, they can go there first.


If it is a general cold fever, Australian doctors will advise you to rest, drink plenty of water, and then eat vitamin C tablets. In Australia, vitamin C is more effective because it has fewer side effects and is generally used to increase resistance. It is recommended that friends who come to study in Australia bring some medicines, such as medicines for treating throat inflammation, diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, cold medicines, and other daily necessities such as Bondi. These medicines are more expensive in Australia.

Immigration: The most important medical card is

. A citizen who gets a green card or naturalized can have a medical card. You only need to draw your medical card when you see a doctor. The cost is automatically paid for by the Australian government. Medicare cards are a similar usage, but benefits will be better.

If you are in hospital, you need to pay for your own meals three meals a day, but you are not only very good at food, but also fruit, yogurt, etc., and you are also paid by the Australian government, not spending a penny.


After you have applied for a green card, you can apply for a medical card and enjoy free medical treatment. You do not need to wait for the green card to be approved before applying.

Car insurance: the difference between the old car and the old car is

It is easy to own a car in Australia! There are a lot of used cars, usually 500-800 Australian. If you buy a car, you have to give the car an insurance. Australian used cars must be inspected annually, and each time you need to be forced to buy an insurance before the annual inspection, the purpose is that in the event of a car accident or other circumstances, the insurance company can lose money to the person who was injured by you.

In addition to this, there is commercial insurance. There are two more under it. The first is all risks. If there is an accident, you are the main responsible party and the insurance company pays the loss of both parties. Generally speaking, the new car basically buys all the insurance, and if you are a novice, you can buy all the insurance. The second is the third party liability insurance. If there is an accident, you are the main responsible party, the insurance company only loses the loss of the other vehicle, and your car is repaired by yourself. If you buy second-hand and the price is relatively low, it is recommended to buy this insurance.


Australia's car business insurance is not the same. Australia's policy offer is based on the price of the car you bought, plus your driving age (more than 5 years will be more expensive), plus your age (more than 25 weeks will be more expensive), and your gender (male will be expensive) A little bit, and then comprehensively assess your insurance records in previous years.