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Six common auto insurance issues, teach you a reasonable ins

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1. Can I insure the price of used cars after buying used cars? It can be, but it is not very beneficial to the claim. When you buy a used car in an accident, many times you need to replace the new parts, which will lead to higher price of the accessories, but the insurance company will only calculate the claim price according to the proportion of the new car purchase price to remove the insufficient insurance. So to some extent, the reimbursement amount is low, affecting the effect of claims, so the best way is to buy insurance according to the new car purchase price. 2. If the car has an accident at the repair shop, can this be settled? Can not claim, the accident in the repair shop can not be compensated, because in the repair shop, they have absolute responsibility for the car's situation, and not only the repair shop, but also 4S shop, this is the insurance industry regulations. Therefore, some car owners jokingly said, "I have to hit and hit other places." 3, the car chassis damage can be settled? Vehicle loss insurance includes damage to the pallet, which means that as long as you purchase a vehicle loss insurance, the insurance company will give you a claim if you can provide on-site evidence, but only if you do not repair it, because the change After the parts are in place, the insurance company will not pay the claims without the evidence. Some insurance companies may not pay, this is to protect their rights through court litigation. 4. If the car is stolen or the items on the car are missing, can you claim it immediately? This should be a burglary, only for theft of the whole vehicle to pay, that is to say, if your car is stolen, you can claim, if only the items on the car are missing or some parts are missing, it will not be paid. As for the immediate claim mentioned, it is not valid, because the insurance company has to confirm that the car has been stolen, and the time of theft is 60 days before the payment can be made. 5. What is the deductible rate for accident claims? First of all, let's clarify one idea, what is the odds ratio? The deductible rate is the proportion of the insurer's own responsibility. It is to increase the absolute deductible ratio of the insured and the driver's traffic safety responsibility. The deductible amount is based on the compensation amount. And according to the specific circumstances, divided into full responsibility, primary responsibility, equivalent responsibility, secondary responsibility, unilateral accident responsibility. The 20% deductible rate passed by the outside world is only a full responsibility and a unilateral accident. Other deductibles from primary to secondary are 15%-5%, one per 5%. 6. Must the car be repaired at a fixed point? You can choose to repair the car in other places, but you need to negotiate with the insurance company to let the person responsible for the loss of the accident give the vehicle license and verify the repair cost of the vehicle before you can make a claim. If the vehicle has been repaired before then, then Affected the problem of claims. Photographs are approved as a condition for claims, so be careful! In addition, the insurance company claims to have a lot of experience for the large number of problems in the car, which means that where to get where to get, will not let you repair the expensive situation, so the advice of the insurance company is sometimes used It is also reasonable.


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