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Car owners should take insurance first, and ordinary acciden

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After buying a car, the owner will naturally think of buying a car insurance, but will he think that the personal safety of himself and his fellow passengers needs more protection? Of course, people are more important than cars. Perfect car owners and passengers cannot be ignored. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2014, there were more than 264 million vehicles in the car, making it the second-largest car-holding country in the world, with 14 cars in the car holding more than 1 million vehicles. Among them, the number of private cars registered in the name of individuals exceeds 70 million, making them the main body of automobiles. “Cars are more expensive than people” is very common. After buying a car, the first thing the car owner does is to buy insurance for the car. With the development of car insurance, today's vehicle insurance is a wide variety, and it is dazzling. “It’s hard to buy a new car, it’s always necessary to protect it.” Most of the car owners’ mindsets are so soft when they buy insurance for the car. However, compared with the protection of vehicles, many car owners have much weaker personal protection for themselves and their passengers. We know that when you purchase a car insurance, you can choose car liability insurance and passenger seat liability insurance. Among them, the driver's seat liability insurance is to protect the driver's own casualties and the car's responsibility in the accident; passenger seat insurance is the case of passengers suffering personal injury and death and the car is responsible for the accident. Make a claim. However, both are limited in their ability to support. The reporter conducted trial calculations on many websites, and the maximum settable insurance amount was only 100,000. In the event of a major traffic accident, the vehicle's damage can reach hundreds of thousands, and the driver and passenger's personal damage is far less than the vehicle's, forming a typical "car is more expensive." “Millions of escorts” fill the gap in personal protection So how do you change this situation? Life has recently launched a “Million Guardian” protection plan in its insurance brokerage agency channel. The plan consists of two insurance products, “Fuyu Annuity Insurance C (Dividend Type)” and “Additional Road Vehicle Accident Insurance”, which effectively solves the problem of “car price, no price”. The personal protection gap for travel. The relevant person in charge of life told reporters that after the successful pilot sales in the two places, the “Millions of Guardian” protection plan has begun to be sold to 10 provinces and so on. It is understood that the “Million Guardian” protection plan is designed for car owners to have a comprehensive protection plan with up to 1 million personal accident protection. Regardless of whether the customer is a driver or a passenger, a high amount of death compensation can be obtained if the driver accidentally accidentally accidentally experiences a motor vehicle with four or more vehicles. At the same time, the more humane design of the plan is that if the customer does not have an accident due to the above reasons, he can also receive certain death compensation. The “Million Guardian” protection plan covers a wide range of insurance targets, and healthy people from 18 to 55 weeks can be insured. The calculation of premiums has nothing to do with age. It only costs 5 years. The maximum period of validity is 25 years. Every year, the insured has a survival gift, and there are additional floating dividends accumulated over the years. Ordinary accidents and life insurance can also protect the owner. In addition to the above-mentioned “Million Guardian” program specifically for drivers and passengers, general personal accident insurance and life insurance can also protect the personal safety of auto accidents, except that When people's awareness of protection is weak, they often ignore these basic risks. Personal accident insurance can be insured with accidental medical insurance, so that you can enjoy insurance claims regardless of death, disability, or medical treatment caused by a traffic accident. Life insurance, because the subject matter of insurance is a person, is therefore a claim for the death of the insured in a serious accident. If the owner or family member often travels by car, you can consider these two types of basic insurance to avoid risks.


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