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The World Cup is coming to the country to buy an accident in

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Recently, the frequent occurrence of various types of traffic accidents has sounded the alarm for us. Insurance experts recommend that consumers should buy accident insurance to protect their financial security. Accident insurance is the first type of insurance that everyone should consider when buying insurance. You can get higher protection with very low premiums. The main guarantees are divided into death, disability, medical expenses, etc. Some products are paid for multiple payments for public transportation on the road and public transportation on the air. For example, the insurance launched by the insurance for the accident insurance, the annual premium of 270 can get 100,000 death insurance, if the customer is on the road or waterway public transport during the accident caused by death, can be compensated 200,000, during the flight In the event of an accident, you will be compensated for 300,000. In case of disability due to accident, the corresponding amount of compensation will be paid according to the “Disability Level and Insurance Benefit Ratio Table”. Accident insurance has a relatively large relationship with the nature of work. High-risk occupations may increase fees and even refuse insurance. They have little to do with gender, etc., and have a good interest. If you often like climbing, rock climbing, racing, etc., it is also a high-risk group. . In general, when purchasing accident insurance, you should pay attention to the main issues of protection liability and exclusion. In general, all accident insurance includes accidental death claims, but some types of insurance also include accidental disability compensation and burns. Claims, even double claims in special circumstances, such insurance is more comprehensive, of course, the rate is relatively higher; as for the exclusion of liability, the exclusion of each insurance company is somewhat different, but not common The situation is not the most important, but you should pay attention to it after purchase to avoid disputes in the future. The common exclusions include war, nuclear radiation, drunk driving, rock climbing, diving, outdoor sports and so on. In addition, with the opening of the World Cup, fans who have gone abroad to watch the game have already set off, but South Africa's worrying public security and other possible security issues have worried many people. Lin Wei, general manager of the Zurich Insurance Branch, said that if the fans are traveling with the group, the travel agency will insure the travel agency liability insurance, but the protection project is relatively limited. Therefore, she believes that friends who go to South Africa to watch the game must fully consider the risks before the departure according to the characteristics of the travel destination and the activities. A comprehensive travel accident insurance can help everyone enjoy this football feast more easily. Take the Zurich Travel Insurance “Let's Go” program as an example. If a customer suffers an accidental injury outside the country, he can get up to 1 million travel accident insurance claims and up to 500,000 overseas emergency medical expenses. When a customer is unfortunately robbed or stolen from abroad, resulting in death or first-degree disability, the special accident accident protection specified in the plan will provide a maximum of 500,000 compensation, and this compensation can be combined with accidental injury. Guaranteed and accidental emergency medical care superimposed claims. If the customer is unable to watch the game as scheduled due to mechanical failure of the vehicle or accidental injury, it will be deeply regrettable to be a fan, and the tickets will be wasted. However, Zurich's travel protection plan can compensate up to 2000 for the previous ticket expenses. In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that if fans watched in South Africa, once an accident occurs, they must maintain a good psychological state, calmly think and deal with. Fans should leave a trip and watch schedule for family members or friends before going abroad to watch the game; keep in touch with friends and relatives during the trip. The address and phone number of the family member should be specified in the passport. When you are packing your luggage, remember to carry your travel policy with you and deposit the insurance company's customer service number into your mobile phone. In the event of an accident, the relevant department (eg traffic management department, embassy, ​​public transport agency, etc.) should be asked for an accident certificate to facilitate future claims.


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