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Portfolio needs to add health insurance

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People in today's family portfolio products often ignore health insurance products. In fact, with the improvement of living standards, the ageing of the population's age structure, and the various potential threats in food, people have come to realize that there are many threats known or unknown to health. In addition to doing all kinds of prevention, what else should I do? Experts suggest that you buy health insurance for yourself and your family. This is also an investment method that focuses on your health and your family. Each insurance company has its own health insurance. How to choose medical insurance? First, choose the type of insurance you need. At present, the medical insurance on the field mainly includes: comprehensive medical insurance, hospitalized medical insurance, surgical medical insurance, female medical insurance, various allowance insurance (subsidy or compensation), accident medical insurance and major illness insurance. Among them, major illness insurance covers cancer, sputum, stroke, uremia, heart (severe) and other common major diseases. The allowance insurance is divided into general hospitalization, medical allowance and hospitalization medical allowance. Inpatient medical insurance refers to the type of insurance that pays inpatient medical insurance in proportion to the reasonable expenses of actual expenses during hospitalization. Some of these products are settled on the 24 hours of the day, and some are settled on the basis of 24 hours from the admission. The difference is only one more day. Female medical insurance is a medical insurance for gynecological diseases designed for women's physiological characteristics. Comprehensive medical insurance covers compensation for hospitalization allowances and special diseases or surgery. If you have a public office and enjoy public medical care, just want to share the part of the medical expenses you are responsible for or make up for the losses caused by illness, you can choose the insurance that gives hospitalization subsidies or fixed compensation, such as subsidy insurance, major illness insurance, etc. If you do not enjoy public medical insurance, you should consider insuring some comprehensive medical insurance, including outpatient and inpatient hospitalization. In addition, it is supplemented by insurance for major diseases, accidental medical care and allowances. Secondly, pay attention to the characteristics of medical insurance, such as hospitalization insurance and major illness insurance, which have an observation period. The observation period generally refers to 90 days or 180 days from the effective date of the contract. The insurance company is not responsible for the insurance accidents that occur during this period. For example, the insured has the obligation to fulfill the obligation, that is, to present the insured's current physical health status and past medical history to the insurance company, that is, to fill out the insurance policy health notification column and the high financial questionnaire. The insurance company knows the truth. Thus to determine whether or what conditions. If the insured deliberately conceals the facts such as the disease, the insurance company may not be liable for compensation and will not refund the premium after the insurance accident.


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