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Health insurance mix and more affordable

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Health insurance mix and match more affordable health insurance coverage and insurance payment characteristics are different, each person depends on the different health risks required, and according to their own characteristics, different health insurance can be mixed, Make health care more comprehensive. First, you should consider whether you have participated in social basic medical insurance. If you have social security, then insuring commercial health insurance is a supplement, making medical security more comprehensive. For this part of the consumer, through the personal health insurance account and the social security co-ordination part, it is estimated that about 70% of the medical expenses are reimbursed by social security every year. If you do not participate in social security, you need commercial medical insurance to provide full medical coverage. Second, we must consider the premium budget. The general principle is that the annual medical insurance premium is 7%-12% of the year. If there is no social medical security, this ratio can be appropriately increased. Finally, you can determine the type of mashup based on your social security and budget. At present, major illness insurances introduced by insurance companies mainly include savings-type long-term insurance and consumer-type short-term insurance. Savings type long-term insurance is the same as the annual premium paid, the protection period can be up to 20 years, 30 years or life, and the insurance short-term insurance period is usually 1 year or 5 years, and the insurance period can be extended by continuous renewal. For different consumers, savings-type long-term insurance and consumer-type short-term insurance actually have their own advantages. The period of consumption-type severe illness insurance is relatively short, and in terms of short-term premium expenses, consumer short-term insurance is more attractive. Due to the short insurance period, consumer short-term insurance is usually renewed every 1 year or every 5 years, and the premium increases with the age of the insured. According to the public data, generally after 35, the advantages of consumer insurance in terms of premiums are no longer obvious, and after 40, the premiums of consumer-type heavy illness insurance are growing rapidly. If the insured continues to insure the consumer-type severe illness insurance, there is no savings-type critical illness insurance during the insurance period, and the total premium expenditure may be higher than the savings-type severe illness insurance. At the same time, although the general consumer-type severe illness insurance regulations, the insured can pay the renewal insurance premium at the expiration of each insurance period or before, in order to renew the insurance, some insurance companies do not promise to accept renewal, which will enable consumers. The future may face unsustainable embarrassment. Therefore, for consumers with certain economic ability, it is still necessary to give priority to purchasing savings-type long-term critical illness insurance. For consumers with limited economic affordability, they can consider purchasing two types of products in proportion to different age groups. Specifically, consumers from 20 to 30 have a career growth period and a large consumer expenditure, which can increase the proportion of low-cost consumer-type critical illness insurance, and can even control the ratio to over 95%. After 35, the physical quality began to decline. Compared with the consumption-type severe illness insurance, the proportion of premiums for savings-type critical illness insurance is not high, and the proportion of savings-type critical illness insurance can be gradually increased. After 45 weeks, if the family economy permits, the proportion of savings-type major illness insurance should be considered to increase to over 95%.


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