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What are the types of family property insurance?

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1. Ordinary Family Property Insurance Ordinary Family Wealth Insurance is a kind of universal family wealth insurance that insurers specially set up for urban residents. It was once the only insurance provided by insurers to urban residents. Now it has become a family wealth insurance. One of the main types of insurance, other family wealth insurance is basically derived from the ordinary family wealth insurance business. Therefore, ordinary family wealth insurance has a basic position. 2. Regularly returning the family property insurance to the family wealth insurance, also known as family wealth hybrid insurance, is a family property insurance business that combines the duality of family wealth insurance and maturity, which is in the ordinary family wealth insurance. Another type of family wealth insurance that is more popular than insurance customers. Regularly, the family wealth insurance has the characteristics of interest offsetting insurance premiums, regular repayments, and diversified insurance periods. 3. Residential and residential property insurance Residential and residential property insurance is a family wealth insurance for residents. The insurance consists of one main insurance and three additional risks. The main insurance is divided into fire insurance, comprehensive disaster insurance and earthquake insurance. When the insured's house and house property are damaged due to a disaster in the scope of the occurrence, the insurer pays all or part of the insurance claim. In addition, the insurer also bears the following fees. If the insured family member is personally injured for the rescue of the insured property, the insurance premium is paid according to the insurance clause. If a disaster causes the house to be uninhabitable, the insurer subsidizes the boarding fee of the insured's family according to actual needs. These two types of cost protection are beyond the scope of traditional family wealth insurance, but can meet the objective needs of insurance customers. Additional risks for residential and home property insurance include additional theft insurance, additional residential liability insurance, and additional housing rental insurance. 4. Comprehensive housing insurance [Comprehensive insurance is a comprehensive insurance for family property insurance for urban households or individuals. It is characterized by the combination of insurance types, and insurance customers can choose according to their own needs. 5. Group family property insurance group Family wealth insurance is a family wealth insurance business in which the group is the insured unit and the employees of the group are the insured and their family assets. It is to adapt to enterprises and institutions and other legal person groups. A way of implementing the family wealth insurance and the need for additional theft insurance. 6. Family wealth insurance additional theft insurance The so-called additional theft insurance refers to an additional insurance that is based on the risk of theft that the insured may encounter on the basis of the family wealth insurance main insurance and the insurer bears the loss of the stolen property. Although it cannot be used as an independent business, it is the main risk faced by family property because it is the inevitable choice for most families. Therefore, additional theft insurance has an important position in family wealth insurance. There are six types of family property insurance, including ordinary family property insurance, regular home property insurance, and residential and home property insurance. Among them, the regular family property insurance has the dual nature of family wealth insurance and maturity.


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