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How to buy cargo transportation insurance

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From the point of view of the insurance process of cargo transportation insurance, there is a significant difference between cargo transportation insurance and other insurance. A insurance under dynamic conditions must be prudent and scientific to treat both buyers and sellers. Way. How should I buy it? Let's take a look at it together. When the consignor or other relevant stakeholders have the need to purchase cargo transportation insurance, they should follow the following steps to apply for insurance: First, please contact the insurance outlets of the property insurance to insure or; second, please select the required use. Articles (1) Import and export cargo insurance: 1. Marine transport cargo insurance clause, marine transport cargo war risk clause, marine transport cargo strike insurance clause 2. Land transport cargo insurance clause, land transport cargo war risk clause, land transportation Goods strike insurance clause 3. Air transport cargo insurance clause, air transport cargo war risk clause, air transport cargo strike insurance clause 4. Postal insurance clause, postal war risk clause 5. Marine transport refrigerated cargo insurance clause 6. Live livestock, poultry Maritime, onshore, air transport insurance clauses 7.ICC(A), ICC(B), ICC(C) and association war risk clauses, association strike insurance clauses (British London Association terms) (2) Freight insurance: 1. Waterway , land cargo transportation insurance clauses 2. railway cargo transportation insurance strips 3. Road cargo transportation insurance clause 4. Waterway cargo transportation insurance clause 5. Air cargo transportation insurance clause III. Please fill in the insurance policy under the guidance of the salesman. If it is import and export business, you must provide the letter of credit, bill of lading, invoice, Packing list, notice of shipment and other information, and conduct risk assessment. The contents of the insurance policy include: the name of the insurance target, the packaging of the insurance target, the weight of the insurance target, the quantity of the insurance target, the insurance, the terms of use, the means of transport, Such as ships, trains, cars, airplanes, etc., if the ship is transported, the bulk cargo must provide the ship's name, age, class and other information, such as container transport, container consolidation, bulk cargo, groceries, etc. Happening. Fourth, determine the amount of insurance Import and export cargo insurance is generally 10% according to the invoice price. The insurance amount of the cargo insurance is determined according to the value of the insurance or determined by the insurance parties. The insurance value is determined by the price of the goods or the price of the goods plus the miscellaneous fees. If a policy is insured for goods of different unit price and different product name, the insurance amount shall be separately stated. If necessary, fill in the insurance list and fill in the total amount of insurance. Fifth, the rate determines the nature of the goods on which the insurance company will be based; according to the ship carrying the goods; according to the loading and packaging of the goods; according to the cargo voyage and the management of the port of departure (ground) and destination port (land); The rate of competition is set for various situations such as competition. Sixth, the deductible conditions According to the nature of the goods, packaging, ship, port management, good or bad, set the odds. Seventh, the insurance company will make a policy according to the above conditions, and issue a policy to the policyholder after the policyholder pays the premium. In particular, if the goods are transported according to the letter of credit, the insurance company will issue a policy in accordance with the letter of credit. Eighth, if there are multiple cargo transportations throughout the year, and the insurance is prepared to be insured by the same insurance company, you can choose to adopt a convenient appointment insurance method, that is, use the combined method to include all the cargo transportation throughout the year. In this way, due to the reduced cost of the insurance company's exhibition industry, it is possible to obtain a more favorable insurance premium rate compared to the single bill.


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