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Qiao buy health insurance, secure financial management, the current investment field is hot, countless people dream of obtaining high returns by investing in stocks, funds, and real estate. However, in the expectation of infinity, there are also some people who worry that the sudden illness will not only make the high medical expenses a major burden for the family, but also have to interrupt the original investment plan, so that the expected investment income will be greatly reduced. Therefore, this newspaper has teamed up with insurance professionals to advise you on evading the risk of major medical expenses. Every family should plan for the major diseases that may be encountered in the future and the huge medical expenses that come with it. Is it to save the money, to have money to do a thing? Or to invest all the money in the stock, and then pray that bad luck should not come to yourself and your family? Or use 10% of the money to buy serious illness insurance, you can prevent 100 % or even 200% of the risk of serious illness, the remaining 90% of the money to invest, so that the value of the funds to maintain value? The answer is self-evident. Social medical insurance focuses on ensuring people's basic needs, and the level of protection is low. The insured's choice of the level of protection is small, and it is not able to withstand the huge risk of medical expenses to the maximum extent. Therefore, the purchase of some commercial illness insurance as a supplement in the case of economic ability permits to invest in the health of themselves and the family. In this investment, the following points must be considered: The actual ability to pay for the family The purchase of insurance should take into account the actual ability of the family and cannot sacrifice the current quality of life for future security. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the purchase of insurance with return function, which can enable insurance to achieve dual functions, not only to provide protection for future serious risks, but also to deposit a contingency fund for the family. If the insurance is sold in the channel's comprehensive protection plan, after the expiration of the plan, the customer will receive a maturity payment and return most of the premiums paid. Probability of major illnesses At present, some types of insurance are pursuing comprehensive coverage within the scope of protection, but different customers actually have different needs, and comprehensiveness does not mean that it is appropriate. According to the regulations, the coverage of major disease products on the field is usually around 28-30, but the probability of some diseases during the protection period is very small, not suitable for all customers, and the coverage is concentrated in one or several types. Specific illness insurance offers customers the possibility to save on premiums. For example, "" only provides protection against specific diseases with high incidence of malignant tumors, stroke, myocardial infarction and myocardial infarction, which can save unnecessary expenses. The cost of serious illnesses For the amount of protection, you should not blindly think that the more you can, in addition to the actual ability to pay for the family, but also the actual medical expenses for the protection of the disease. Experts suggest that the average person can buy enough sickness insurance with a value of 100,000-200,000. The function of insurance itself When purchasing serious illness insurance, it also fully considers the complementary effect of commercial insurance on social insurance. For example, although the cost of daily headaches and colds is not much, it is not a small amount. The social insurance is not very adequate for this part of the insurance. Generally, there are restrictions on deductibles (different depending on the region). Therefore, it is recommended to choose an insurance product with daily medical allowance compensation function. For example, "" has taken into account this demand, through the planned annuity function, from the end of the second year to provide customers with a certain percentage of the premiums paid for the survival insurance to solve the daily micro-medical needs of customers, if the customer does not receive This fund will automatically enter the cumulative account and share the benefits of the insurance company's investment. To sum up, families should follow the appropriate principle in purchasing health insurance, and comprehensively consider the above four factors to make the best use of limited funds.


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