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Second-hand car buy insurance four points

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How to maintain your own car, how to give your car insurance is the car's biggest concern. Insurance on the new car may be clear to everyone. However, what should be paid attention to in the insurance of used cars? According to the classification of automobile insurance, automobile insurance can be divided into two categories: new car insurance and second-hand car insurance. The characteristics of the two types vary greatly. When the owner of the insurance is insured, he must pay special attention to the relevant matters related to insurance. The following insurance network (www.bxd365.com) gives you a detailed explanation of the precautions for buying a second-hand car. First, second-hand insurance may insure the used car owners at the new car price. When insuring the car, they need to insure according to the actual value of the used car and pay the corresponding premium. Therefore, the premium required for second-hand car insurance is lower than the new car. . However, if the configuration on the car is brand new, you will need to insure and pay the corresponding premium according to the new car standard. Second, choose a fast insurance company with auto insurance claims. Generally speaking, after insuring a car, applying for a claim is a corresponding process. In addition to submitting various insurance materials, the owner of the vehicle cannot be the person responsible for the accident, otherwise the claim will definitely fail. Of course, some second-hand cars are insured differently, and the speed will be very fast, so it is very important to choose insurance companies with fast claims. At present, insurance is doing very well here, and deep customers appreciate it. Third, in the transfer of vehicles, it is necessary to remember that the insurance transfer vehicle must purchase insurance. In the case of vehicle transfer, the vehicle must be insured and transferred at the same time. If the vehicle has not been transferred for insurance, the owner of the vehicle can notify the original insured, and then the insurance company will make a compensation according to the contract. However, if the car mainly transfers the automobile insurance policy, the insured must notify the insurance company in time, otherwise the owner will not receive any compensation, and the insurance company can also cancel the insurance contract. In other words, the damage caused can only be borne by the car insured. Fourth, don't neglect the automobile insurance record. The original owner's driving record is very important. It is related to the economic interests of the current owner. If you ignore it, you will face economic losses. Therefore, when buying a used car, you must not only look at the performance of the car, but also the condition of the car. Also pay attention to the vehicle's driving record. If you buy a vehicle with poor driving records, it will only be the current owner of the vehicle. As long as you pay attention to the above four points, I believe that you will not be confused when you give the car insurance, your car will get more protection.


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