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Supplement the benefits of child accident insurance

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Ask about the benefits of supplementing children's accident insurance? Girl 1 half, in the old one and a small insurance, the husband's supplementary medical treatment can reimburse 50% of the cost of medical treatment. I think the supplementary insurance is a child accident, such as burns and falls. I want to know what the benefits of supplementing the annual consumer accident insurance are, and that company is better. Expert analysis of the protection of the baby is mainly medical and education. First, the medical aspect: the baby first improve the community child medical insurance (currently can be reimbursed 80%, the region is slightly different), ordinary small disease medical treatment can be appropriately supplemented according to the unit's welfare status (whether or not there is a baby's follow-up reimbursement) The above can basically solve the baby's small medical problems. At the same time, due to the lively and active movement of the baby, bumps and bumps in accidental injuries, burns, burns, and cat bites are also inevitable; due to environmental pollution, decoration pollution, food safety issues lead to minors The incidence of diseases is also getting higher and higher, so the accidental medical care for children and major diseases of children should be replenished in time. Second, the education reserve: the current education and savings category, mainly divided into two categories: 1, is the traditional education annuity insurance, such as 15 (usually the age of high school) began to receive each year, consecutively received until the end of college graduation. If you receive the insurance premium for 25 weeks, it will be used as a scholarship or a marriage fund, so that the amount of insurance received is fixed and the guarantee is clear. 2. It is the hottest universal insurance or investment insurance. The investment value-added approach as a reserve for future education is mainly reflected in three major flexibility: flexible payment, flexible protection, and flexible access. Generally, it is necessary to have a medium- and long-term continuous contribution investment that may be effective. Of course, the income opportunity may also be greater than the traditional education annuity insurance. . Children's accident insurance, relative to the low payment line, the reimbursement rate is relatively high, can be used as a small supplement! At the same time, it is necessary to know whether the supplemental medical treatment of the unit includes the child's accident clinic, hospitalization expenses reimbursement, and some social security supplementary medical treatment. It is only for the reimbursement of the disease. According to your information, the medical care of the child is still available. The protection gap is the medical treatment for serious illness, accidental injury and accidental injury~~ In addition, the education insurance has the function of mandatory storage and exemption. The function of premiums must also be considered; accident insurance, available Happy Star A card, 398 cards, the annual insurance policy is 30 days and 2 weeks; the hospitalization of 60,000 yuan (100,000 guarantees) 50,000 accidental injuries, 5,000 accidental medical treatments, 50,000 life insurance, 10,000 children's serious illness; General; ~~~~; or your comprehensive insurance plan (4000 starts), on the one hand, serious illness, accident, The protection of accidental medical care, while storing education funds, especially with double premium exemption (that is, if the insured person has one of the serious illness, death or disability, or the child has a serious illness, the premium will not be paid again) And the guarantee is unchanged).


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