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Property insurance does not protect the machine from damage

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"Our company has insured all the risks of the property and insured the damage of the machine. According to my understanding, the scope of liability for all risks of the property already covers the protection of machinery and equipment. Why does the company have to specifically insure the damage of the machine?" A netizen who is confused about the property insurance of the unit insured by the unit, and a “Teaching Post” issued for the purpose of seeking “intelligence”. Indeed, in the eyes of laymen, it is possible to feel that the enterprise has insured all the risks of property, so literally understand that this word "everything" includes the responsibility for the protection of machinery and equipment, and then insuring the damage of the machine is an unnecessary move. But in fact, this is not the case. “Complementary” with all risks of property First, what is meant by machine damage insurance? This is based on the safety of machinery and equipment. The damage of machinery and equipment is the premise of compensation. When the insured machinery and equipment are working, idle or overhauled during the insurance period, A kind of insurance that causes material damage or loss due to sudden, unpredictable accidents. For example, the machine damage insurance introduced by insurance (601601, stock bar), the insurance liability of the product includes: during the insurance period, due to design, manufacturing or installation errors, casting and raw material defects; workers, technicians operating errors, lack of experience, Poor technology, negligence, negligence, malicious behavior; breakage caused by centrifugal force; overload, overvoltage, line, arc, leakage, short circuit, atmospheric discharge, induction electricity and other electrical reasons, causing damage to the insured machinery and equipment, The insurance company will compensate. At the same time, the insurer will be responsible for compensation in accordance with the contract in order to prevent or reduce the necessary and reasonable expenses paid for the loss of the subject matter of insurance. Look at the property all risks, the insurance is mainly responsible for the direct material damage or loss caused by natural disasters or accidents. Among them, natural disasters refer to lightning, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, storms, heavy rains, floods, floods, frosts, hail, land landslides, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, subsidence of ground subsidence, and other irresistible destructive forces of manpower. phenomenon. Accidents are unforeseen events that are uncontrollable by the insured and cause material damage, including fires and explosions. Obviously, the comparison of hatchbacks can be made clear. The liability for all property and machine damage insurance is different. The former protects the loss of corporate property due to external causes, and the losses caused by mechanical and electrical accidents and human operations are not within the scope. The latter equipment is damaged due to human error or malfunction. In other words, human error is the exclusion of all risks of property. Natural disasters and accidents that damage machinery and equipment are the exclusive responsibility of “machine damage insurance”. As a result, the two types of insurance complement each other, and many companies are therefore insured together, with the aim of achieving comprehensive protection. There are "rules" for compensation processing. Although "machine damage insurance" can "pay" for enterprises in the condition of the machine, the insurance industry reminds that enterprises should grasp the "rules" of compensation for this type of insurance in advance, so that when they are in danger, they will be targeted. ". It is understood that the machine damage insurance is based on the replacement value of the machine equipment (including ex-factory price, freight, insurance, tax, installation fee and price fluctuation factors, etc.) to determine the insurance amount, that is, to reset the same or similar models, performance The price of the new machine and equipment is the amount of the insurance. When the compensation is handled specifically, for all losses of machinery and equipment, if the insurance amount is lower than the actual replacement value when the loss occurs, the insurance company will compensate according to the proportion. The calculation formula is: compensation amount = loss amount × (insurance amount / actual reset value). In the event of a loss, the insured amount is equal to or higher than the actual replacement value, and the actual loss is compensated. For the loss of machinery and equipment, if the enterprise is fully insured, the insurance company will compensate for the entire repair cost, and the insufficient insurance will be compensated according to the proportion. In addition, in order to enhance the company's safety responsibility and reduce the number of small compensations, machine damage insurance generally stipulates that the insured must be responsible for a certain percentage of the liability, that is, the deductible. In this regard, companies should be aware of it.


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