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After the summer vacation, a group of students will soon embark on a study tour abroad. Reporters learned yesterday from a number of, July and August each year is the peak period of study abroad apply for insurance business, insurers optimistic about this field, the introduction of a variety of insurance products abroad. Children and children are worried that safety and health are the most worrying issues for parents. Medical expenses abroad are expensive. Many traditional study abroad countries, such as Australia, are obliged to purchase medical insurance for study abroad. Otherwise, they cannot apply for admission. If you are studying in a European country, you must purchase medical insurance of more than 30,000 euros. Insurance is a study abroad "Luggage" One of the spare parts. To study the protection of free window & rdquo; students are not usually provide basic medical guarantee by the school or local, why do they need to buy their own specialized insurance? ” I believe that many students will have such questions. It is true that most countries with adequate social security provide basic medical care for international students. However, this kind of medical insurance often has an empty window period, which is not enjoyed by a school registration. For example, in the hottest place of study in the UK, you must study abroad for six months to enjoy the local national health system, and it takes about 4 weeks to apply. For example, in Australia, it takes three months to be included in the local student insurance. The system; not to mention, there are countries like the Netherlands that do not provide medical insurance for international students. Buying a study abroad insurance policy, the primary purpose is to block this empty window period, to ensure that there will be no medical insurance. Of course, the purpose of the study abroad insurance is not just to take Australia as an example. Even if it is included in the local student insurance, it can reimburse 80% of the medical expenses. The rest of the expenses must still be borne by the company. At this time, there is a commercial medical insurance. In this case, the study abroad insurance is not just a blockage of the medical insurance window. It is ok, it is not necessarily a desirable strategy to purchase the study abroad insurance only according to the length of the window. It should be regarded as a icing on the cake outside the medical insurance system for international students. 123 Next studying Insurance & ne; overseas travel insurance abroad Insurance Overseas travel insurance is not out of the face-lift packaging gimmicks, just buy overseas travel insurance does not it & rdquo ;? Many people have such misunderstandings about studying abroad insurance. Indeed, from the perspective of safeguards, the common protections for death insurance, medical care, and lost luggage are very different from those of overseas travel insurance. In addition, there are not many overseas study insurances, and there is no shortage of overseas travel insurance. It is not surprising that the product after the change of face has left such an impression on the insured. However, tourism and studying abroad are fundamentally different. An excellent study abroad insurance must provide corresponding protection for the special circumstances of studying abroad. For example, the study abroad insurance and the insurance of the study abroad insurance provide academic suspension. The guarantee is that if the school is interrupted due to the occurrence of the insurance incident, the unsatisfactory tuition fee will be paid according to the terms, and the maximum amount of 20,000 yuan will be provided. Plan 2 provides up to 80,000 guarantees. (Related Links: How to buy overseas study insurance?) As for the international student insurance introduced by Yongcheng Insurance, there are more unique study abroad guarantees. For example, as a margin guarantee for additional insurance, once the international student is arrested or detained locally, if the crime involved can be released on bail, the insurance company will pay the deposit on behalf of the insurance company, and then withdraw the deposit after the end of the bail period; At present, many countries need to provide information on sponsors to ensure that international students have sufficient funds to complete their studies without having to work. The guarantee provided by Yongcheng lists the sponsors who are registered at the same time on the insurance contract (only one If you die from accidental injury, the insurance company will pay the remaining tuition to ensure that the insured can continue to complete the course. For example, if the parents, spouses or children of the international students are hospitalized for more than 14 consecutive days in the public hospitals of the second level or above, the insurance company will provide a confirmation after the insurance company or the doctor of the third party management institution confirms. Round-trip economy class tickets, train tickets or ferry tickets to assist international students to return to accompanying relatives. 3 next pageBasic guarantees can be superimposed Currently, the current study abroad insurance is not much, and the vast majority of customizable is not high. This will inevitably make the policyholders somewhat dissatisfied with the amount of some of the guarantees. In fact, insurance has never been prescribed to rely on a policy to fight the world. In addition to the insurance required to purchase the study abroad insurance to cover the special circumstances of studying abroad, it is entirely possible to purchase some ordinary insurance to meet some basic guarantees. For example, the basic accident insurance, the study abroad insurance is more than 400,000, but the less than 100,000, this amount is obviously a little less. In fact, an ordinary accident insurance, even if it is 500,000 yuan, the annual premium is only three or five hundred. For example, studying abroad is generally less likely to take an airplane. This aspect can be fully compensated by aviation accident insurance. The 7-day 900,000 aviation accident insurance premium is less than 10.


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