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How to buy critical illness insurance

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How to buy critical illness insurance Critical disease insurance products continue to innovate. However, how should consumers buy critical illness insurance products? Zhang Yanping, senior lecturer of the training department of Life Branch, said that to buy a serious illness insurance, you must learn "mix and match". At present, insurance companies introduce heavy-duty insurance mainly including return-type long-term insurance and consumer-type short-term insurance. The return type long-term insurance is the same as the annual premium paid, and the guarantee time is 20 years, 30 years or life. The payment method is also more flexible, and can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. In contrast, consumer short-term insurance pays premiums in full at one time, renewed once a year, and premiums increase with age. In Zhang Yanping's view, although the rate is higher, it is more cost-effective to purchase return-type heavy illness insurance. Return-type critical illness insurance will fix the annual contribution rate, avoiding inflation risks, and can also obtain investment income on a regular basis after dividends. The consumer-type short-term critical illness insurance product has a protection period of one year. The insured person wants to insure after 60, and the general insurance company will not give it; although the rate is low, the annual premium is only a few hundred, but because there is no dividend, It is impossible to obtain investment income. She also reminded consumers to pay attention to the matching of various types of products when purchasing critical illness insurance. In particular, in terms of the policy coverage, consumers should first select some products with a large amount of one-time claims, and on this basis, select some products with a wider range and lower insurance coverage.


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