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Passenger personal accident insurance

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Passenger personal accident insurance (1) Scope of responsibility. Personal Accident Insurance is a special personal accident insurance. It is the responsibility of the travel agency insured by the insured from the time when the passenger arrives in the territory (not including Hong Kong and Macao). Until the time of boarding the means of transport, the insurer shall be liable for compensation if the accident within the scope of the insurance liability shall be borne by the insured. It has several situations: Personal injury, death, or disability or death caused by accidents within 180 days from the date of the accident due to accidents and acute illnesses. Accidents are sudden and unpredictable accidents. 2. The escort fee and transportation fee that must be sent to another hospital in the country due to the medical expenses, first-aid expenses, and the hospital conditions of the place where the accident occurred due to accidents or acute illnesses. 3. The cost of processing or returning a body after the death of a passenger due to an accident or acute attack. 4. Loss or damage to baggage items carried by passengers due to accident or theft, excluding cash, dividends, credit cards, notes, securities, stamps, documents, books, manuscripts, design drawings, computer materials, airline tickets , tickets, tickets, passports, motorcycles, bicycles, animals and plants and specimens, dentures, prostheses, contact lenses, etc. (2) Exclusion liability. The exclusions are as follows: 1. War, similar acts of war, hostile acts, armed conflicts, insurrections, strikes, riots, nuclear reactions, nuclear radiation and radioactive pollution; Chronic diseases, infectious diseases, childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage or dental diseases and surgical treatment for these diseases; Hunting, mountaineering, skiing and participating in various competitions, fighting or drunkenness, taking drugs, nervous disorder; Deliberate acts or criminal acts of passengers; Due to the order of the authorities, the baggage and articles destroyed were confiscated; Natural wear, insect bites, discoloration, rust or deterioration of luggage items. (3) Insurance period, premium and insurance amount. The insurance period of this insurance is generally not more than 20 days. The amount of compensation is generally agreed by the parties in advance, including the maximum amount of death compensation, the amount of disability payment, the maximum amount of medical expenses, the amount of compensation for baggage damage, and the cost of processing the body. . The determination of insurance premiums is determined by the insurer based on the amount of compensation.


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