Buying insurance makes newborn families feel more at ease

2007 is a rare year in 60 years! Many people are busy getting together and giving birth to a good opportunity for children's insurance. Some insurance companies are considering launching new products in response to the current demand situation. For example, Life Insurance will launch a maternity insurance policy in April this year. Some insurance companies are also busy making improvements to the original children's products to better meet the needs of the field.

● Expectant mothers should consider insuring

in advance. Women who are preparing for a child can take out women's health insurance before pregnancy. However, this kind of insurance, as a kind of health insurance, has a certain observation period, generally 90 days to 180 days, or even longer, the insurance company will not pay compensation for the insurance accidents that occur during the waiting period. For example, the “true female fertility disease insurance” of life insurance means that the disease of pregnancy should be guaranteed 10 months after the contract is effective (or rein effect). Therefore, if a woman buys such insurance after a long period of pregnancy, this protection may not cover accidents and illness during pregnancy. Therefore, for families who want to have children, if you feel that you need insurance during pregnancy, it is best to apply for insurance as soon as possible so that the period of pregnancy can cover the pregnancy.

For women who are already pregnant with their baby, they can insure maternal and child health insurance designed specifically for pregnant women and newborn babies. This type of insurance protects pregnant women from gestational diseases, childbirth or accidental deaths, as well as certain insurance benefits for fetal or neonatal deaths, neonatal congenital diseases or certain specific procedures.

After the “pre-mother” is fully protected, with the birth of the baby, insurance for the child can be considered. Health insurance and education insurance are indispensable, which is also applicable to children of other ages.

● Accident insurance better protects the baby

Children's accidental injury has become one of the most serious social, economic and medical problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to insure your baby with accident insurance. These types of insurance premiums are relatively cheap, requiring only a few hundred a year. Insurance companies and other insurance companies have such insurance.

●Health insurance with the healthy growth of the baby

At present, major diseases have a tendency to be younger and younger. Once the child is unfortunately suffering from major diseases, high medical expenses will bring a heavy financial burden to the family. The smaller the age of major illness insurance, the cheaper the premium. When the child is young, the pressure on the parents to pay the insurance is relatively small.

Due to the small age of the baby, the immune system is not fully developed, and the immunity is poor. When considering the insurance, it is recommended to buy additional inpatient medical insurance. In this way, the child is hospitalized and some medical expenses can be reimbursed.

●Education insurance becomes the reassurance of baby education

People often say: "A child's bag carries a house." After the baby is born, you can consider stocking an education fund for the child. Education credit insurance with secure investment channels, revenue determination, and protection is a recommended method. This kind of insurance can help parents to accumulate an education fund in a mandatory and planned manner. Moreover, such insurance products generally have a "exempt premium" function. Once the insured person is unfortunately dead or loses the ability to pay due to serious disability, the insurance company will be exempt from the late premium, and the policy will continue to be effective, ensuring that the child will have education in the future. Ample education money.