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The difference between aviation accident insurance and aircr

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The insurance company has specifically issued an aviation accident insurance, which is an insurance for people who have been accidentally taken by plane. The insurance coverage of aviation accident insurance is very high, and the amount of insurance is based on Calculated, an insurance only needs 20, the amount of insurance is 200,000; precisely because the aircraft is the traffic with the highest safety factor, but the accident is the most serious, so his insurance costs are very cheap, the amount of insurance is very high. So is the aircraft insurance attached to the airline ticket when it is purchased? Is it aviation accident insurance? In fact, the two are different. The aircraft insurance attached to a few votes is paid by the insurance company to the airline, and is paid to the passenger by the airline, and the aviation accident insurance is directly paid to the passenger. At the same time, the guarantee period for aviation accident insurance is also very long. The guarantee time is within 180 days from the date of accidental injury. If you travel frequently, you like to travel, buy an aviation accident insurance, which can better protect your own safety. Responsible with family. Aircraft insurance is mainly an aviation insurance with aircraft as the subject of insurance. The insurance liability of aircraft insurance includes: 1. Air fuselage insurance, that is, aircraft flying or taxiing and on the ground, causing accidental loss or damage to the aircraft and its accessories; 2. Third party liability insurance, that is, due to the aircraft Or the personal injury or property loss of a third party caused by falling or falling objects from the aircraft; 3. The statutory liability insurance of passengers, the airlines causing personal injury or death to air passengers due to their own responsibilities, and liability insurance for air passenger compensation. Generally speaking, the ticket contains insurance, mainly referring to the passenger's statutory liability insurance included in the airline's aircraft insurance. This belongs to the protection of third-party liability insurance of enterprises. Just like park tickets and bus tickets, they are accompanied by such insurance. Since aircraft insurance contains liability for compensation, is it still necessary to purchase aviation accident insurance? Although both of them fulfill their liability, the purpose is to provide more adequate insurance for air passengers, but aircraft insurance and aviation accident insurance are completely different products. The insurance included in the ticket is paid by the insurance company to the airline, and then the airline pays the passenger. The insurance insurance has a limited amount of coverage and coverage, and only pays for the accident caused by the airline itself. The aviation accident insurance is directly paid by the insurance company, and the amount of the compensation depends on the insurance amount of the purchased aviation insurance. For every airline passenger, whether or not to purchase aviation accident insurance is entirely voluntary. However, in order to prevent accidents, it is recommended that consumers should be able to purchase aviation accident insurance, which is invaluable, and the death insurance amount of both passenger liability insurance and aviation accident insurance can be superimposed.


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