There is no guaranteed income from investment insurance, and

At present, the wealth management products with investment and security functions – investment-linked insurance has become a major wealth management product for many investors in home finance. However, insurance experts reminded that investment-linked insurance is not a purely consumer insurance, but a risk-investing investment and wealth management product. There is no guaranteed income. The actual income is directly linked to the investment account income selected by the investor. The insurance company does not Committed to return on investment. Therefore, the following three groups of people are not suitable for purchasing investment-linked insurance.

First, only those who have insurance coverage needs are not suitable for purchasing investment-linked insurance, but should start with risk protection such as planned diseases and accidents. Wobao insurance experts said that after the investor purchases the investment-linked insurance, the premium paid is divided into two parts according to the insurance contract: one part enters the insurance account and gives the investor life insurance protection; the other part enters the investment account, that is, according to the agreed management fee. Entrusted to the insurance company to carry out investment operations, investors achieve income through the growth of the investment account net value.

Second, elderly people with low risk tolerance should not purchase investment-linked insurance. Insurance experts said that investment-linked insurance allows insurance companies to invest 95% of their clients' funds in stocks, funds and other "double-high" products, plus the purchase of investment-linked insurance, which requires initial fees, policy management fees, and asset management fees. Investors, such as fees, fees, etc., investors need to bear a lot of "loss of income" risk.

Third, people with strong short-term capital needs should not purchase investment-linked insurance. Wobao Insurance experts said that in the short run, regardless of the performance of the capital market, investment insurance is difficult to fully satisfy the policyholders. In addition, if the short-term emergency funds are forced to redeem the product, the insured will have to pay a certain surrender fee. According to the actuarial regulations of investment insurance, the surrender rate of investment-linked insurance is decremented in the first five years of the policy year, which are 10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, 2% of the premium, and the premium is refunded after the sixth year. The rate is zero. Therefore, those who need to use investment funds in the short term should not purchase investment-linked insurance.