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Spring travel students buy one-off travel insurance

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The main reason for the spring travel breaks of the spring travel students who bought the one-time travel insurance students was because of safety considerations. Therefore, this year the school organized the students' spring tour to make full preparations and guarantees. Zhongguan Yixiao, a secondary school affiliated to the Chemical University, said that they will travel through an agreement with a regular travel agency and purchase one-time travel insurance for students who participate in the spring tour. Travel insurance is a type of insurance with low premiums and high insurance coverage. For example, most of the current travel accident insurance prices do not exceed 10, and the maximum insurance coverage reaches 100,000 (domestic tour). The relevant leaders of a school said that the purchase of one-time travel insurance for students can greatly alleviate the huge compensation that the school has suffered because of the accidents of organizing students to swim in the spring. In addition, the school has made other security guarantees for the students' spring tour. There is a guarantee ratio in the faculty, so that every link in the activity is managed by the teacher, such as counting the number of people on the train and checking out the safety reminders during the event. "Lv Cuiping, director of Zhongguanyixiaodi Education, said that before the event, each student will be given safety education. The activity process has a safety emergency plan. If the accident occurs with the team's health teacher, it will be processed in time and sent to the hospital." It tends to expand the training journalists through the analysis of the spring tour locations of the six middle schools and six elementary school students surveyed. It is found that primary school students tend to be beautiful parks, museums, etc., while middle school students tend to go to the outer suburbs, Huairou in the north of the city. The original ecological mountains and survival and training bases in the suburbs such as Miyun are listed as key spring destinations. Some middle school principals who are planning to organize spring tours say that spring tour is to change the environment of students' current life and study, and let them feel the nature. Breathing the new air and feeling the beauty of life, so the school should engage in pure spring tour, not subject to subject or ideological education, such as spring tour composition, diary and so on.


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