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Children's accident insurance is concerned by parents.

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There are two cases of insurance coverage of 100,000 caps. The annual winter and summer vacations are the most prone to accidents for children. In particular, some parents choose to take their children out or let them participate in winter camps. For safety reasons, travel agencies or winter The organizers of the camp usually take the initiative to purchase travel liability insurance and group accident insurance for the members. In fact, if you are insured by a travel agency without your parent's authorization, you may be refused compensation during the claim process. There is also a ceiling for minors to insure, and the insurance will not be paid more if they buy more than 100,000. The travel agency is insured for the child. The daughter of Ms. Wang is 12 years old. In order to fully exercise the children, as long as there are winter camps and summer camps for children, she almost signed up for the children. Every time I bought it by a travel agency, I have never cared about it. I only know that it is to protect the safety of children. ” The same parents as Ms. Wang are not rare. The reporter found that many parents did not authorize travel agencies or winter camp organizers to handle the corresponding insurance. In this regard, the reporter hosted the winter camp of a foreign language training institution in Shencheng. The staff said that the insurance of the trainees began from the beginning of the camp to the end of the camp. However, it is necessary to provide the date of birth of the student in accordance with the household registration book, because in the event of an accident, the insurance company will be extremely cumbersome, and the insurance company will not pay compensation if it exceeds a certain time limit. ” And for the need for parental authorization, the other party said that it does not require. According to the provisions of the Insurance Law, the insured may not insure a person who has no civil capacity to take life insurance with death as a condition of payment. Of course, parents or other legal guardians are insured for underage children. Unauthorized insurance companies can refuse to pay. Since the personal insurance of minors must be purchased by parents or authorized in writing, if an institution or non-parent or guardian himself purchases insurance for the child, will the insurance company give it if it is out of danger? Paying? The person in charge of the claims department of a life insurance company in Shencheng told the reporter that according to the relevant regulations and the company's internal control requirements, the company will take the initiative to ask the insured to present relevant identification certificates to confirm whether the insured is a parent. Or the legal scope of the legal guardian. If it is illegal for a guardian to insure, such as a travel agency, a children's palace, other relatives, etc., we will ask them to issue a power of attorney for the legal guardian of the insured. We do not grant a letter of authorization. ” In fact, many travel agencies now directly connect with insurance companies without obtaining any authorization, and purchase personal insurance for deaths for minors. Some insurance companies have successfully reviewed and It is. In this regard, insurance industry insiders said that although the travel agency helps customers to buy insurance smoothly, once the insurance is out, the insurance company will transfer files for strict review. Once the authorization or signature of the minor is found to be not filled by the parents, the policy will be Invalid, may be rejected by the insurance company. There is no need to buy more than 100,000 caps. Now some children’s schools have purchased accident insurance. Then, do you need to buy extra travel at the travel agency? Relevant persons from the Provincial Insurance Association said that this year, the purchase restriction order & rdquo; was issued, from April 1 this year, the maximum insurance coverage for minors will be adjusted, while providing enough support for children, Play a role in preventing malicious fraud. According to the Insurance Law and related regulations, the amount of life insurance benefits for parents who are insured for underage children with death as a condition of payment is limited to 100,000. In other words, whether you buy an insurance for your child or buy ten insurances, whether it is purchased at the same company or divided into several products from different companies, as long as the accumulated insurance coverage reaches 100,000. Even if you buy more, you can only get a maximum of 100,000. Therefore, the relevant person in charge suggested that parents should purchase their personal insurance for their children, and should focus on different insurance categories, rather than the higher the amount of insurance. However, he also stated that there are two exceptions to the policy requirements. One is an insurance product with an investment nature. The second is aviation accident insurance. The insurance amount for aviation accidental injury refers to the amount of insurance agreed in the aviation accident insurance contract.


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