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1. What is accident insurance? When the insured person causes physical injury or causes disability or death due to accident, the insurer shall bear the life insurance contract for the payment of the insurance liability. The insurer’s payment usually includes loss of work ability, loss of hand-foot or blindness, death due to injury, and medical expenses. 2. Characteristics of Accidental Injury Insurance The difference between an accidental injury insurance contract and an ordinary life insurance contract is that the injury insurance contract is directed at the injury caused by an accident or the disability or death caused by the injury. The difference with the health insurance contract is that the injury insurance contract pays more attention to the physical injury caused by external causes. The health insurance contract focuses on the disease caused by the insured's internal causes, that is, the changes in physical health. 3, what is accidental injury & rdquo; (1). The injury must be the body's injury here body & amp; rdquo;, refers to the human body. The prosthetic device, the fake eye, the denture, etc., which replace the human body function by the artificial device, are not part of the natural body of the human body and cannot be used as an insurance object for accidental injury insurance. (2) The injury must be an accident caused by an accident, which is the direct cause of the injury and the basis for the insured or the beneficiary to claim insurance payment. The so-called accident & rdquo; refers to a foreign accidental accident. Only the three conditions of foreign & rdquo;, violent & rdquo;, accident & rdquo; can constitute the insurance accident of the contract. The so-called foreign & rdquo;, refers to the damage caused by the factors outside the body. Such as traffic accidents, accidental water, lightning strikes, snake bites, gas poisoning, etc. If the injury is caused by its own disease, it is not an accident; the so-called violent & rdquo; refers to the injury caused by the strong and sudden attack of the human body. If the casualty is caused by long-term labor or tempering by the insured, such as geological exploration operations, athletes' long-term exercise-induced waist and joint damage, etc., it is not an accident; the so-called accident & rdquo; means that the insured can not foresee, do not Hope for an accident.


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