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Buying children's accident insurance, propping up the umbrel

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Every parent wants their children to be healthy, happy and happy during their growth. However, sudden accidental disasters sometimes endanger the child's youngness; sometimes it can lead to a child's permanent disability, affecting the child's normal growth and basic life. The following data is shocking: ◆ Accidental injury is the number one cause of death for children under 14! ◆ Of every 100 dead children, 26 died of accidental injuries! ◆ 40 million primary and secondary school students suffer various accidental injuries every year! ◆ Up to 400,000 children are disabled each year due to accidental injuries! ◆Children's accidental deaths increase at a rate of 7%-10% per year! Therefore, while ensuring your baby's safety and health, it is necessary to purchase a suitable child accident insurance for the baby to help the family solve the harm caused by the child accident, reduce the burden on the family, and transfer the family risk. Create a safe "" "" for your baby. Basic guarantees for children's accident insurance 1. Children's accident insurance generally includes accidental burns, disability compensation, accidental medical expenses, accidental hospitalization subsidies, and some can also be reimbursed for hospitalization expenses and major diseases. Second, the cost situation, generally 50 / year, 100 / year, 150 / year, 350 / year, etc., generally based on different protection content. Third, the form of accident insurance purchase, generally have card orders, contract orders, and some are attached to the first life insurance before they can buy. Convenient and flexible, all forms are available, flexible purchase according to parents' needs. Insured considerations understand the scope of protection. When parents buy child accident insurance for their children, they must see the scope of protection. Except for accidents, they can reimburse 100 of their own drugs. Other companies cannot reimburse their own drugs. For example, if a dog bites a rabies vaccine, the child can be reimbursed for the imported vaccine in case of accident, and other companies cannot be reimbursed. Accidental medical expenses generally have a deductible, so it must be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. Some have hospitalization for illness, and some do not. Therefore, parents must make sure that they need protection and choose the appropriate accident insurance products according to their baby's existing protection before insuring. Understand the insurance process. In addition to the insurance listed above, it is necessary to fill in the official insurance policy of the insurance company, and other child accident insurance is the card product. That is, parents can call themselves or open the insurance company's website after purchasing the accident insurance card, and then print the electronic version of the insurance policy and insurance contract, and save it. In addition, the child accident insurance of the general joint venture insurance company appears in the form of an insurance policy, and can be specifically purchased by an insurance agent. Learn about the claims process and the information you need. In general, accidental emergency hospitals have no hospital restrictions. If it is hospitalized, it is generally required to be a hospital above the second level. The information required for claims includes the original contract or a copy of the accident card, a copy of the ID card of the insured, a copy of the card, a medical record of the emergency department, a list of expenses, and a summary of the hospital discharge. Understand the death insurance amount. In the case of children, the maximum insured amount for children died is 100,000. When choosing children's accidental injury insurance for children, you should pay attention to the limitation of death insurance, and do not blindly think that you have more insurance coverage. Pay attention to the product portfolio. With accident protection, it is recommended to give your baby a guarantee of major illness. In general, children's major illness insurance rates are very low, and there are 100,000 major illnesses guaranteed around 200 a year. Most companies can sell them separately. (Zhou Xiaoyong National Financial Planner)


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