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Agriculture-related insurance: awakening sleeping wealth wit

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Even today, when the economy tells development, it is still a traditional power, and the development and stability of the entire country. How can commercial insurance companies play their unique functions in solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers? Experts put forward the following suggestions: First, focus on promoting the insurance industry to play a greater role in safeguarding, disaster prevention and mitigation, mainly to develop insurance, domain insurance, new cooperative medical insurance, etc., so that the development of the insurance industry will benefit more “three rural issues”. ", improve the safety factor. In June this year, the government issued the “Opinions on Further Improving the Level of Financial Services” in the General Office of the Provincial Government. In the aspect of agriculture-related insurance, the “Opinions” proposed to expand insurance coverage and focus on the development of insurance for the backbone industries such as pigs; Encourage all localities to actively explore price index insurance for vegetables and pigs, innovate insurance products, improve the level of insurance coverage for residents, and explore pilot housing insurance. Promote agriculture-related loan guarantee insurance, micro-credit insurance, small-sum borrower accident insurance, expand cooperation, improve the credit guarantee system, improve the ability of farmers, large-scale farming and leading enterprises to enter the credit field, and actively invest in infrastructure projects. Give full play to the role of insurance funds in supporting the beautiful financial support; vigorously develop medical, education, pension, maternity and other life-related types of insurance, and promote accident insurance for children, high-risk industries such as mining, construction, etc., and gradually expand the residents' serious diseases. The scope of insurance pilots encourages commercial insurance institutions to participate in basic medical security and social endowment insurance services; in the process of promoting new urbanization, it is especially necessary to combine “agricultural to urban” to encourage the development of supplementary insurance business; vigorous development is closely related to property. The insurance provides a full range of insurance protection services for the general public. Under the joint promotion of the animal husbandry department and insurance institutions, Donggang Shengtai Dairy Farm recently signed a policy for aquaculture insurance with China United Property Insurance Donggang Branch to provide breeding risk protection for 300 dairy cows. At present, the aquaculture insurance has been piloted in the Donggang and Dagushan Economic Zones. The insurance company is very active in investing in order to support the crab farmers in the continuous high temperature days, and to develop corresponding insurance products to help the crab farmers solve the troubles caused by high temperatures. Property insurance The first policy of the hog price index insurance of the Xiangyang Central Branch was signed in Zhangzhou. This is another new initiative of Shenyang Insurance in product and service innovation, and it is also a new attempt by the insurance industry in Fuyang to deal with the price fluctuations of agricultural products and the risks of aquaculture. Agro-insurance products, a variety of fattening pig price index insurance, fattening pig price index insurance: an insurance product with the price of fattening pigs as the insurance target. When the average price index of finishing pigs is lower than the price index of insurance liability during the insurance period, As an insurance accident, the insurer is responsible for compensation according to the contract of the insurance contract. At present, the insurance premium subsidy ratio is 70% for the government and 30% for the farmers. Aquaculture Insurance Aquaculture insurance is a local subsidized policy insurance developed by independent innovation, which embodies the positive role of policy insurance in escorting production. The insurance is a local financial self-funding reform, the insurance business principle is low security, wide coverage; limited risk and responsibility layering. The list of insurance pilot varieties includes cold water fish, sub-cold water fish, famous special fish, conventional varieties of adult fish and seedlings. “off-season” green leaf vegetable cost price insurance “off-season” green leaf vegetable cost price insurance implementation plan announced that this year's “summer” period of the five green leafy vegetables, chicken, cabbage, lettuce, cabbage and cabbage into the insurance program. This year's "summer" insurance period is from June 16 to September 15, 2014. Leading enterprises in vegetable production, professional cooperatives and large-scale growers are the priority targets, and more than 2 mu of green leafy vegetable growers are insured by the organization. During the “summer” period, the maximum insurance area of ​​the above-mentioned green leafy vegetables was 130,000 mu. Cotton Insurance "This year, 1000 acres of cotton were planted. From April to May, it was affected twice by frost and windy weather. The seedlings were blown to death and had to be re-seeded. Since they took part in insurance, they got more than 100,000 cotton insurance. Claims have alleviated the pressure of self-rescue and self-rescue, and the national policy is good.” Liu Zhenhua said happily. The insurance coverage of the cotton field reached 68,500 mu, the compensation area after the disaster reached 68,500 mu, the claim rate reached 100%, the number of claims farmers reached 140, and the claims insurance claims fund was more than 510 million, which gave the cotton farmers a security lock.


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