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How should personal accident insurance be selected?

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The main functions of insurance products are risk protection, long-term savings, investment and financial management, and financial planning. Usually, accident insurance, health insurance, term life insurance, etc., the protection component is relatively high; life insurance, two insurance and annuity insurance, etc., the savings component is relatively high. So how do we buy personal accident insurance in the face of the exquisite insurance on the field? First, insurance demand is generally divided into family economic responsibility, emergency reserve, children's education planning and pension planning. Family economic responsibility refers to the amount needed to make the life of the family members not affected too much when the insured person is unfortunate, such as the daily expenses of the family, the loan balance, the parental support expenses, etc.; the emergency reserve is mainly for the disease and Accidents, including hospitalization expenses, major illnesses, accidents, etc.; children's education planning is mainly the time and amount of children's need to use education funds; pension planning, mainly the expectation of daily living expenses after retirement. 2. The payment method for personal accident insurance premiums of one year or more is divided into one-time and instalment. The former is usually paid at a higher cost. Before investing, it is necessary to clarify the idle funds of this part of the metal; if you choose to install the installment, you need to fully consider whether there is continuous stability. Financial resources. Otherwise, the insured may lose insurance coverage and bear the loss of surrender or lose some of the benefits of the insurance contract. 3. Generally speaking, family economic responsibility and emergency reserve can transfer sudden risks by purchasing guaranteed products. Typical products include accident insurance, health insurance and term life insurance; children's education and pension can be purchased through life insurance or annuity insurance. Preparing for savings, such as dividend insurance, universal insurance and annuity, have certain benefits, and the return is stable in the long run. Investment-linked insurance is suitable for long-term savings with higher risk appetite, but it is not suitable as an investment for short-term transactions.


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