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Accident insurance is a relatively common and necessary insurance. Children and the elderly should give priority to accident insurance when purchasing insurance. However, when purchasing, they must have some understanding of some common sense problems of accident insurance. . What is personal accident insurance? The so-called personal accident insurance refers to the accidental death, accidental disability, accidental medical expenses or temporary loss of labor capacity caused by the accidental injury of the insured. The insurance company pays certain insurance premiums to the insured or the beneficiary according to the agreement of both parties. An insurance, which is characterized by low payment and high security, and the guarantee period is one year. How much is the accident insurance? According to the amount of insurance coverage, the annual premiums for accident insurance vary from tens to hundreds. Among them, the cheapest is a short-term accident insurance, ranging from a few to a few dozen. How to define accident insurance? At present, most of the accident insurance on the field is a combination of clauses. The basic protection responsibilities include accidental injury, accidental medical treatment and accidental hospitalization allowance. Accidents are accidents involving foreign, unintentional, sudden, non-disease injuries. Accidental injury is the death or disability caused by an accident, which is a one-time payment. Accidental medical care refers to the cost of treatment caused by accidents. The insurance company reimbursed according to the contract, including accidental hospitalization and accidental medical treatment. This part is reimbursed according to the compensation principle and according to the invoice provided during the actual treatment. Accidental hospitalization allowance refers to the amount that the insurance company pays per day according to the number of hospital stays due to accidental hospitalization. In addition, some accident insurances are also supplemented with other guarantees, such as lost work subsidies. What are the accident insurances? Common accident insurance can be divided into three types. The first type: group accident insurance and personal accident insurance with a wide range of protection, usually for one year. Except for the death and disability caused by illegal crimes, as long as the death or disability caused by various accidents, All are insurance liabilities. Second: For short-term accident insurance products for travel, the warranty period usually ranges from a few days to ten days. For example, with the travel insurance that has been heated up during the Golden Week, this kind of insurance not only compensates for the death and disability caused by accidents, but also includes compensation for medical expenses incurred due to accidents. The third type: accident insurance for vehicles, the guarantee period is also one year, which can be caused by accidental injuries in vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes and other means of transportation. Choose the appropriate accident insurance with targeted insurance, the insurance coverage is relatively small, and the rate is relatively favorable. For ordinary accident insurance with a wide range of protection, the price is relatively expensive. Take the products of the same insurance company as an example, the term is also one year, and the insurance premium is 100. The insurance amount is 100,000 cars, 200,000 ships and trains (including subway and light rail), and 500,000 aircraft. If you insure 100 personal accident insurance, the insurance amount is less than 100,000. Therefore, it is more convenient to insure the accident insurance of individuals or groups, including all the risks that can be encountered in daily life. Even if the price is slightly higher, it will not be unable to pay due to insufficiency. Vehicle accident insurance is suitable for people who often go out. If you don't want to pay too much premium and want higher security, you will spend your premiums at the stage where you are at the highest risk of travel. As the saying goes, "The money is spent on the cutting edge." When purchasing accident insurance, be sure to see what the insurance liability is. If you only purchase the responsibility for the death, then the insurance company, hospitalization allowance, etc., are not reimbursed.


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