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Study abroad is interrupted, and insurance gives you protect

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The risk of academic interruption should also be prepared. The risk of interruption of study abroad is one of the three major risks that are common during study abroad. Studying abroad is to complete the school, and once the school is interrupted, it may bring greater losses in time and money. However, the risk of studying abroad is lower than that of medical and financial losses, and it is often overlooked. Insurance experts said that the risk of interruption of study abroad mainly includes two aspects, one is caused by the reasons of the students themselves. If an international student is unable to continue his studies in the country of study due to an accidental injury or sudden illness, he or she must return to China in advance. The other is caused by external reasons, such as the school closure, or the death of a direct family member of an international student, which makes it impossible to continue the class and needs to interrupt school. For whatever reason, the interruption of study abroad will cause a series of economic losses for international students, such as loss of tuition fees and loss of housing rent. These losses are not covered by overseas travel insurance, or within the scope of health insurance purchased in the country of study. At this time, only special study abroad insurance can provide protection. “Study abroad insurance is designed for the risks that are common during study abroad. Therefore, it can help foreign students transfer risks more specifically, and some guarantees are not covered by other insurance products,” said insurance experts. It is understood that the current study abroad insurance can provide a variety of protection related to the interruption of study abroad, such as the suspension of tuition compensation for study abroad, the suspension of rent compensation for study abroad, and the compensation for school closure costs. For example, the insurance for studying abroad insurance can provide up to 30,000 tuition fees for studying abroad. In addition, if the insured is absent from school for more than 10 days due to hospitalization, but less than 30 days, the property insurance will provide up to 8,000 compensation for missing school leave to make up for the tuition fees incurred by the students after they have pursued their studies. Medical return service is best to buy. When you purchase insurance for studying abroad, you need to pay attention to whether you can provide medical delivery and return service. This refers to the insurance company will arrange for the rescue agency to transport the insured to the nearest place of the accident and have appropriate time during the insurance period when the insured person is under the contract for an accident or sudden illness. The hospital where the medical care conditions are located; for serious cases, when the insured's injury or illness has stabilized, the rescue agency will arrange for the insured to return to their original place of departure on a normal flight, and determine whether it is in transit during the transfer process. Provide medical escorts. It should be noted that since the medical return is to return the insured to its original place of departure, the original place of departure is only within the mainland when the insurance is retained. If the travel insurance is purchased locally in the country of study, the original place of departure mentioned in the medical return will become the country of study, not the mainland. In the past cases, the cost of medical repatriation across borders was as high as several hundred thousand dollars. For example, PICC has provided an emergency medical return service for a tourist traveling in France. The hospital that sent the customer from France spent nearly 200,000 yuan. Most of the current study abroad products include emergency medical delivery and return services, and some include family condolences and visitation allowances. For example, Sun Joint Insurance's Sun Joint Study Abroad Guarantee Program A provides the actual cost of medical delivery and return services, while the corresponding product premiums range from 170 to 5,000 depending on the duration of the warranty. “When you choose an insurance company, you can know in advance about its strength in international rescue. If you have an international rescue network in your country of study, this will determine whether you can get the help you need at a critical time in the future,” insurance experts suggest.


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