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Why are you selling your car?

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Strong insurance "follow the car" does not "follow people" Intermediary surrender is often "sloppy" A few days ago, Mr. Min Zhu sold the car for 6 years to the second-hand dealer, just sold it and listened to friends saying unexpired premiums Mr. Zhu said: "When you sell a car, you really don't know that car insurance can be surrendered. The car dealer does not say that the car has not expired, and the price can be sold higher." At the peak of second-hand car transactions, some people buy people to sell, but many people ignore the insurance problem. According to the existing regulations, the traffic insurance “follow the car” does not “follow the person”. Only when the traffic insurance is in the validity period, the vehicle can be transferred. Commercial insurance is not mandatory, so it is possible to apply for surrender. Selling car insurance has not expired more than 800 "second-hand car intermediary, always like to say ambiguous, can not tell you if you can tell you." The car has been sold, Mr. Zhu is still indignant, car insurance to next year 5 The month is only due, and there are nearly half a year, not only the issue of premiums, but he also worried that the insurance of the old car will be used by the intermediary. So, he found the insurance company that insured the car insurance. The staff told him that in addition to the strong insurance, the commercial insurance can apply for surrender, the insurance is terminated on the date of surrender, and the premium is calculated according to the remaining date, so Mr. Zhu takes More than 800 premiums were surrendered. “Motor vehicle insurance is the most overlooked detail when many car owners sell cars.” He told reporters that many car owners usually sell cars according to the age, number of kilometers, wear degree, etc., and partially buy and sell used cars. Informal institutions often use the owner's incomprehension, deliberately do not mention the insurance in the process of selling the car, and earn the residual value of the policy on the grounds that the auto insurance cannot be returned or the surrender procedure is complicated. How to retreat the used car insurance car insurance in the end how to retreat when the car insurance? The relevant person in charge of a family wealth insurance company said that in the second-hand car transaction, the car insurance can not be fully retired. Its strong risks have the principle of “carriage with the car”. According to the provisions of the "Regulations on Traffic Accidents", there are only three cases in which the insurance can be surrendered: the insured motor vehicle is deregistered according to law; the insured motor vehicle is stopped; the insured motor vehicle is confirmed to have been lost by the public security organ. The sale of used cars obviously does not fall into the above three situations, so in principle, it is not possible to surrender. Commercial insurance, when trading in used cars, can be surrendered. There are two ways to handle auto insurance: the first is to change the policy elements, such as replacing the insured and the owner; the second is to apply for surrender, that is, to return the original auto insurance and terminate the previous contract. At this time, the insurance company will refund the remaining premiums. After that, the new owner can go to any insurance company to re-purchase the car insurance. At present, there are agents on the second-hand yards that can “remind the surrender”, and those unexpired car damage insurance, glass insurance, scratch insurance, excluding the loss insurance, etc., have become the “cash tree” of some used car dealers. Let the buyers and sellers be fooled in the fog. Why is the sale of a car surrender? "A sloppy eye" In a commercial insurance, how many mediators can use the "profit space"? Insiders told us that Mr. Zhu’s old car insurance price will generally be added to the used car selling price by the intermediary. The buyer seems to have bought an insurance car. However, once the insurance is out, there will be various obstacles when making claims. For example, because the auto insurance policyholders have not changed in time, they need to be present at the same time after the insurance. However, many of the original owners can't attend the claim at all; if the buyer often knows nothing about the old car's claim record, the insurance expires in the coming year, and it is inexplicably told that the premium has risen sharply. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner of the car should be refunded commercial insurance before the car is sold. The second-hand car buyers need to pay attention to the various tricks in the old car insurance. When a used car is traded, the insurance company does not know how to transfer a car insurance. It can only be known after the transaction. Once the vehicle has been transferred, it cannot be surrendered. Nowadays, second-hand car insurance belongs to the “intermediate zone”. The insurance supervision department can't manage the vehicle transaction, and the vehicle supervision department can't manage the commercial insurance, which leads to a lot of space for the second-hand car dealer.


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