Online loans must first pay a scam!

Mr. Chen, who urgently needs funds, has found a number of bank loans and found that not only is the procedure cumbersome, but most of them also require collateral. Later, he saw a loan advertisement on the Internet: no need for any collateral, and an ID card can be used for loans!

The legendary "falling pie in the sky" actually appeared in real life, how can we not seize the opportunity, So Mr. Chen got in touch with the other party and explained his situation. I didn't expect the other business manager to give a reply very quickly: no problem! But I need to pay a deposit of 8,000. Mr. Chen didn't even think about it. I’ve beaten the money.

The money was hit, but the loan did not progress at all. Mr. Chen was in a hurry! So he called the other party again. I didn’t expect that the call you made was temporarily unavailable.... Then he knew that he was fooled.

To state the above case, I just want to inform everyone that the loan should not be as "simple" as Mr. Chen! Don't always think that your luck is very good. What good things will happen to yourself, and the loan is money. As for the relevant matters, how can we be so rash? Therefore, when you are looking for a lending institution, you need a pair of "eyes", and it is not too late to find out the true and false of the lending institution.

Having said that, some people may be anxious to ask: What kind of lending institution is a liar? For this question, the author dare not give a definite answer, but the basic trick of the liar can still reveal one or two to everyone:

1. Liar lenders generally do not have a fixed business location or contact information. They generally only have a simple website, a QQ number or a mobile phone number (to distinguish this, you'd better go to the door to investigate).

2. The fraudulent loan institution requires the borrower to provide a loan procedure that is very simple. Generally, it will claim that “as long as the ID card can be used for the loan”, but in fact the ID card cannot be used as a measure of “can lend”, the borrower must also Provide procedures for repayment ability, residence certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

3. The liar lender will require the borrower to pay the loan before the loan, and the formal lending institution will charge the fee after the successful lending (this must be noted that many fraud companies will require the borrower to pay the deposit and handling fee before the loan. , interest and other expenses).