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Kangheng major illness insurance liability exemption

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Exemption of Kangheng Major Disease Insurance Liability The Company shall not be liable for the payment of insurance benefits due to the death of the insured due to one of the following circumstances and the insured person's contractual illness caused by one of the following one to seven situations. 1. The insured person intentionally kills or intentionally injures the insured; 2. The insured deliberately injures himself, intentionally commits a crime or resists criminal compulsory measures taken according to law; 3. The insured person takes, smokes or injects drugs; The insurer drunk driving, driving without a valid driving license or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license; 5. War, military conflict, riot or armed rebellion; 6. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution; Congenital malformation, deformation or chromosomal abnormality; 8. The insured commits suicide within two years from the date of establishment of the contract, except when the insured commits suicide as a person without civil capacity. No matter what happens above, the insured person’s death and contract termination; regardless of the above-mentioned one to seven situations, the insured person has the major illness caused by the contract, the company has the right to terminate the contract, and the company refunds the contract to the insured. Cash value. However, if the insured intentionally kills or injures the insured to cause the insured to die, the company shall refund the cash value of the contract as the insured's estate; the insured shall inadvertently kill or injure the insured to cause the insured to contract. In the case of a major illness, the company refunds the cash value of the contract to the insured.


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