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What are the housing insurance?

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Housing insurance can be divided into the following three categories: 1. Ordinary housing property insurance: Ordinary housing property insurance is a method of paying insurance premiums. The insurance period is one year, from the time when the insurer issues the policy zero, to the end of the insurance period of 24 hours. . There is no special reason and no refund is allowed in the middle. After the insurance period expires, the insurance premium paid will not be refunded, and the insurance will need to be re-applied. 2. Due and due to the type of housing property insurance: its scope and insurance liability are the same as general housing insurance. This type of family property insurance has the dual nature of disaster compensation and savings. When insured, the insured pays a fixed insurance deposit, and the interest on the deposit is transferred to premium. When the insurance expires, the insurance deposit is returned to the insured regardless of whether the payment occurs during the insurance period. 3. Interest rate linkage type housing property insurance: With the rise of the price index and the central bank raising interest rates, people have put forward higher requirements for insurance protection. Interest rate linked housing property insurance came into being. In addition to having the corresponding protection responsibility, in case of interest rate adjustment, the interest rate adjustment will be synchronized with the one-year deposit interest rate, and the same amount will be adjusted. The interest will be paid in sections, regardless of whether insurance compensation occurs or not. Housing insurance is different from family wealth insurance. Let's first look at what is family wealth insurance. This refers to an insurance that uses the tangible property of a city resident as the subject of insurance. Any property owned, used or kept by the insured, located in the house listed at the address specified in the insurance policy, can be insured to the insurer within the agreed scope. Family property insurance. Let’s take a look at what is home insurance. As a type of insurance for family wealth insurance, housing insurance is generally insured by homeowners or residents, mainly to protect against housing accidents caused by natural disasters such as fires, explosions, and lightning strikes. From the above definitions, it can be found that the family wealth insurance and the housing insurance coverage are obviously different. The former is based on the tangible property of the residents, such as furniture, appliances, clothing, daily necessities, household appliances, and interior decoration. The scope of insurance for housing insurance is the building structure of the housing. For example, in a housing insurance contract: “This insurance standard refers to the one-time payment or mortgage purchase of the property rights house and the purchase contract to specify the equipment.” Not only that, The risks faced by the insurance targets of the two types of insurance are also different. For family wealth insurance, the family property it protects mainly faces losses caused by fire, explosion, mudslides, heavy rain, etc., as well as risks such as the risk of stealing, the loss of own family property after the burst of water pipes, and liability for compensation. Therefore, purchase Family wealth insurance generally requires additional burglary and water pipe bursting insurance. The main risks of the building structure of houses guaranteed by housing insurance are fires, explosions and natural disasters within the insurance coverage. It can be seen that if consumers are concerned about the safety of their homes, they may wish to add “insurance locks” to their homes by purchasing home insurance on the basis of purchasing family wealth insurance to ensure indoor property, but not with this. Like netizens, they directly confuse these two types of insurance with obvious differences.


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