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Protection content of elevator liability insurance

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Elevator liability insurance is also known as elevator passenger accident insurance. It refers to the economic compensation for the personal injury or property damage of the passenger during the operation of the elevator owned or managed by the insured. All the owners, managers or operators of all kinds of elevators, such as shops, office buildings, enterprises, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc., can be insured according to their needs. Generally, they are extended as additional contents of the place liability insurance, and can also be designed according to customer requirements. A special insurance plan is given. What are the protection contents of elevator liability insurance? What are the insurance coverage? Xiaobian, this will explain the explanation for everyone. The contents of the guarantee are determined by the elevator accident investigation team composed of the relevant administrative departments of the state. The accident belongs to the elevator safety liability accident. The insured shall bear the economic compensation liability according to the law, and the insurer shall be responsible for the compensation limit within the agreed compensation limit according to the provisions of this insurance contract. Compensation. The main insurance liability of elevator liability insurance has three aspects: one is the third person's personal injury or property loss; the second is the legal fee agreed in advance by the insurer's written consent; the third is the insured's reduction or reduction to the third party after the insurance liability test occurs. Necessary and reasonable expenses paid for liability for personal injury or property damage. For example, insured elevator liability insurance, the above three aspects of the costs and losses can be obtained from the insurance company for the insurance contract. Exclusion liability for elevator liability insurance, but under this insurance category, there are some exclusions, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, lightning, floods, heavy rain, typhoons, tornadoes, ground collapses, subsidence of the ground, and other irresistible natural disasters. Personal injury and death and property damage; personal injury and property damage suffered by the insured or his representative or his employees; liability for personal injury or property damage caused by intentional or gross negligence of the insured and his representative; fines, fines or penalties Sexual claims and so on. The insurance company is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by these reasons.


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