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Savings-type health insurance is a kind of health insurance. Insured can not only resist the financial crisis brought about by serious illness, but also provide mandatory saving function, which has attracted much attention in the moment. Adults, children and the elderly have different health protection needs. Therefore, people pay attention to different treatments when they apply for insurance. So how do different people insured savings-type health insurance? What precautions? Basic Principles for Insured Savings Health Insurance for Different Groups In general, it is better to buy savings-type health insurance for adults. The recommended amount is between 100,000 and 200,000. Purchase savings-type health insurance for children to cover common children's serious illnesses. It is better; buying savings-type health insurance for the elderly is particularly concerned with the limitation of the age of insurance. How Adults Insured Savings Health Insurance Adults should purchase savings-type health insurance, because savings-type health insurance premiums are mostly expensive, and are more suitable for adults with certain economic strength and stable economic resources. Considering that serious illness will bring huge financial crisis to the whole family, it is especially important to pay attention to the protection of serious health insurance for adults. According to the current cost of treating severe illness, it is recommended that adults set the critical illness insurance amount between 100,000 and 200,000 when purchasing savings-type health insurance. In addition, the refund amount of savings-type health insurance is often linked to the operating status of the selected insurance company. Therefore, the insurance-type health insurance provided by the big brand and the operating insurance company should be given priority when insured, so that it can be more stable in the later stage. Insured income. If the child purchases a savings-type health insurance and chooses a savings-type health insurance for the child, the return period and the protection period should not be too long. It is recommended to focus on the child before adulthood, because the child grows faster and the health risks are different at each stage. If the health insurance coverage period is too long, it is not conducive to midway adjustment. Considering that children with leukemia, children's hand, foot and mouth disease, encephalitis sequelae or meningitis sequelae are relatively common children's serious illnesses, it is better for parents to purchase savings-type health insurance for their children to cover these common children and serious illnesses. In addition, some children's savings-type health insurance often use the savings funds directly as the child's education fund. When insured, it may be preferred to pay attention to such products. On the one hand, the child's health protection can be improved, and the other party can also improve the child's education security. If the elderly buy savings-type health insurance for the elderly to purchase savings-type health insurance, they must pay special attention to the age limit of insurance. Generally speaking, it is not worthwhile for the elderly to purchase savings-type health insurance for more than 60 weeks, not only the insurance premiums, but also the refusal. risk. It is recommended to purchase consumer health insurance specially tailored for the elderly. Such insurance premiums are cheap and comprehensive, and the insurance can improve the multiple health insurance for the elderly, hospitalization and medical care with higher cost performance. For those who are within 60, if they have financial resources, they can purchase savings-type health insurance. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to specify the return period to be around 70, because the return period is too late. When insured, it is recommended to give priority to the health protection of the elderly, and secondly to the issue of how much to benefit. Savings-type health insurance insurance tips From the current products, savings-type health insurance is mostly a major disease insurance, and there is no guarantee for medical expenses, so it cannot be called a comprehensive health protection plan. Insurance experts believe that consumers should first look at whether the insured has medical insurance and social security when planning health insurance, which has included major disease protection; second, it should raise the prevention of common diseases, and should not blindly focus on serious diseases. At present, the cost of many common diseases needs to be nearly 10,000. Therefore, it is recommended to attach medical insurance or hospitalization allowance when applying for insurance. Third, you need to know the family history in detail. If a family member has cancer, you can choose to focus on such diseases. Anti-cancer insurance.


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