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How to carry out traffic accident insurance fast claims proc

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When I got the license, the novice driver accidentally had a traffic accident when he was on the road. They are overwhelmed by the handling of traffic accidents, so I will introduce you to the simple process of quick settlement of traffic accident insurance, which parties can evacuate the site and which can not be resolved by quick processing. A simple process for rapid settlement of traffic accident insurance: 1. Which traffic accident parties should evacuate the site themselves? In the case of a motor vehicle insured in the area of ​​its jurisdiction, a traffic accident that causes only vehicle damage and no casualties in the area (including on the elevated road), the property loss is minor, and the basic facts are clear. If the vehicle can continue to drive, the party should immediately evacuate the accident vehicle from the scene and carry out rapid processing. 2. In which accidents, the parties cannot use the quick processing method to negotiate and resolve? 1) The motor vehicle has no valid number plate, no inspection mark, no insurance mark; 2) The driver does not have a valid motor vehicle driver's license; 3) The driver drinks alcohol, takes state-controlled psychotropic drugs or narcotic drugs 4) The parties are not allowed to move the vehicle by themselves; 5) Colliding buildings, public facilities or other facilities. 3. What is the time limit for rapid incident handling? If the parties need to apply for insurance claims after self-negotiating and handling, and all parties purchase motor vehicle insurance, they shall report to the traffic control department of the public security organ and the insurance company, and jointly report to the insurance company's business premises and insurance within three days after the accident. The service store or other places recognized by the insurance company handle the damage and claims procedures. 4. How to fix the evidence? Photographing the location of the road where the vehicle is located, the location of the damage, and the evidence of the driver's license, driving license, insurance policy, etc., should be clearly and legible. 5. How to get a “record book”? 1), the business outlets and fixed loss points of each property insurance company; 2) Traffic traffic violation handling points and fines payment points of the traffic police department; 3) Download from the insurance industry association network. 6. What materials do you need for customer claims? "XX Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Scene Record" or "Activity Certificate"; fixed loss order issued by insurance company; claim application, maintenance invoice; original and copy of driving license and driving license (other: B provides medical check receipt above , the business vehicle provides the operation certificate, the taxi provides the service certificate); the original and copy of the insured's ID card and the valid card number. 7. How can a foreign vehicle be handled quickly in the event of a minor accident? If a vehicle that is insured and insured in a foreign country has a car damage accident that meets the conditions of the self-removal site, the party concerned shall promptly evacuate the site, move the vehicle to a place that does not obstruct the traffic, immediately report the case to the vehicle insurance company, and go through the claims formalities in accordance with the insurance contract, or The traffic control department of the public security organ alarmed and waited for the traffic patrol police to handle it.


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