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How should young people buy critical illness insurance?

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“How do you get such a serious illness at a young age?” Today, I believe that many people have such experiences, and often hear similar cases around them – young classmates, friends or relatives are unfortunately suffering from serious illnesses. Indeed, in today's society, the incidence of various major diseases is rising and rejuvenating due to people's bad habits, increased work pressure and environmental pollution. For young people, they are generally at the beginning of their work or have just formed a family stage. Their economic strength and risk tolerance are weak. Once a major health disorder occurs, it may bring a huge financial crisis to the family. The cost of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of treatments, as well as subsequent care, nutrition, and the loss of the patient's own spouse, are incalculable for the average family. On the other hand, with the development of medicine, more and more major diseases will get better treatment methods, the key is whether there is enough treatment funds. For potential risks such as major diseases, using insurance to pass the risk is the best way to deal with it. But from another perspective, young people’s economic ability is limited, and their premium budget cannot be high. At the same time, the family structure of young people is still in the stage of gradual improvement. Many people are still single. Therefore, insurance planning cannot be completed in one step, and it will be constantly adjusted and improved in the future. To this end, we suggest that young people in 22-35 should give priority to selecting products with strong protection and relatively low rates when selecting major illness insurance.


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