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Unavoidable car insurance renewal method

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[Abstract] Nowadays, many people buy the corresponding auto insurance after purchasing the car, but the insurance period is always limited, so the problem of renewing the auto insurance is designed. How should auto insurance be renewed? Consumers can't delay first, followed by choosing the right renewal plan, and finally renewing the car according to its actual value. “Renewal” can't be towed mainly to pay attention to the date when the auto insurance expires, otherwise the vehicle will be out of danger when the insurance expires, then the vehicle will have no guarantee. In addition, after the owner gets the insurance policy, he must pay special attention to the insurance start date, and renew the insurance in time, so as not to bury hidden dangers for the claims. The owner of the car should not renew the insurance because of the busy schedule or the luck of the owner. If an accident occurs in the vehicle during this period, the owner will bear all the losses. How much compensation is related to the margin of preference. Choosing a suitable renewal plan 1: If the car has “stepped into retirement age” and is nearing retirement, it is not worthwhile to invest in too many types of insurance, but this does not mean that you should not insure, like traffic insurance and third party liability insurance. It is necessary to renew the insurance to avoid accidents. Option 2: If you think that you are a good driving technique, you should also pay attention to the maintenance and safety of the vehicle. You can keep a good car owner without a traffic accident during the insurance period, and the value of the vehicle is not high, and the economy is not. Choose to renew the relative basic insurance. For example: traffic insurance + car damage insurance + third party liability insurance + excluding deductible insurance. Of course, if you spend less, the guarantee is quite limited. Option 3: If your driving technology is not very good, some small accidents often occur during the driving process, and depending on the specific vehicle conditions and the security situation of the parking lot or the community, you can target the basic insurance in a targeted manner. On the basis of increase or decrease of additional insurance. When insuring, you should try to "" and comprehensively compare the insurance items and premiums of each company. Premiums are best purchased in full. At present, when the owner renews the insurance, the insurance company generally provides two types of renewal insurance, one is to renew the purchase price according to the new car, and the other is to remove the depreciation expense of the car. The actual value of the car is now renewed. If the owner of the car renews the car insurance with the actual value of the car, it is equivalent to the car owner's approval of all car parts. The amount of the insurance is based on their depreciation price. When the automobile is damaged, the insurance company can only compensate the ratio of the actual value to the new car price, and the insufficient part must be borne by the owner. In order to protect the maximum of its claims rights, it is recommended that you should purchase the car insurance at the new car purchase price when you renew your insurance. It is worthwhile to pay more premiums, but in exchange for full car damage claims. Insurance Network Tip: Today, people are busy with work, but they can't forget the issue of auto insurance renewal. If the owner does not renew the vehicle in time, he/she will have to bear the corresponding maintenance costs after the accident. Therefore, consumers should consider the issue of renewal before the expiration of auto insurance, and do not leave a blank period for auto insurance.


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