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How much is the amount of critical illness insurance?

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Critical illness insurance will play a big role at a critical time, so many people are willing to buy it. So when purchasing a critical illness insurance, what is the appropriate amount? Major illness insurance is an effective means of transferring the economic risks brought about by diseases. However, the formulation of insurance coverage is often lack of basis. For this reason, some experts suggest starting from the family and combining existing guarantees. Mr. Liu works in a well-known advertising company with an annual capacity of 500,000, which is an irreplaceable pillar in the family. However, in the present, he was diagnosed with liver cancer, which made him a sense of crisis in the first place. It is understood that the company where Mr. Liu is located has purchased 100,000 insured major illness insurance for his employees. At the same time, he also insured his own insurance for 100,000 insured commercial critical illness insurance, and social security can reimburse nearly half, so short-term Look at Mr. Liu, there is not much pressure on the economy. However, in fact, because Mr. Liu’s family has just changed a new house, there is not much savings, there are still loans every month, and the daughter’s education costs a lot, and it is necessary to raise the parents’ parents at regular intervals, which makes Mr. Liu’s long-term economic conditions. Lighted up "red light". Due to this disease, Mr. Liu had to be nursed for a long time, and it is very likely that he will not be able to return to the high-pressure advertising industry in the future. Therefore, it is basically hopeless to maintain living conditions before illness. For such a case, the relevant experts of the insurance company expressed great regret, "many people have the awareness of purchasing critical illness insurance, but there is no rational understanding of the amount of insurance, so that unfortunately it happens, the insurance compensation purchased is only A glass of water. In fact, the setting of the amount of insurance is valid. " According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health Statistics, the cure rate of major diseases such as malignant tumors, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease has increased. Taking cancer as an example, the probability of surviving after 5 years from the diagnosis of cancer has increased to 65% for men and 78% for women. “Technology is improving, survival rate of major diseases is increasing, we should plan ahead. Prepare enough risk funds for yourself to cope with rising medical costs. "The expert advises consumers to consider the high cost of treatment when setting the amount of coverage for a major illness. However, in addition to medical expenses, everyone should also pay attention to other impacts of serious illness on the family economy. For example, long-term sick leave or loss caused by resignation and illness, nutritional expenses during rehabilitation and conditioning, nursing expenses, fixed expenses such as mortgage loans, and fixed expenses for normal life of the family. At present, the medical expenses for major diseases are usually between 100,000 and 300,000. Depending on the choice of medication and treatment, the proportion of medical insurance can be reimbursed. The postoperative recovery period is usually from 6 months to 5 years, during which the nutrition and nursing expenses can not be underestimated. Consumers can determine the amount of critical illness insurance based on the annual level and the individual contribution of the policyholder to the family. Insured persons with an annual interest of around 120,000 are advised to have at least 300,000 insured care for critical illness insurance. In the case of more than 200,000 insured persons, especially the main economic pillar of the family, it is recommended that the insured amount can reach 500,000, so that the family's economic pillars will not be seriously ill, resulting in a serious decline in the quality of life of the entire family. Main insurance and additional insurance on demand The current major diseases on the field include main insurance and additional insurance. Consumers can choose according to the existing insurance situation and preferences. For those who do not have serious illness protection, consider the more popular "return type" critical illness insurance on the field. It has the characteristics of " diseased, disease-free and old-fashioned". For consumers who have existing life insurance protection and need to increase the amount of critical illness insurance, they can attach a critical illness insurance to their already purchased life insurance products, but many insurance companies have a matching ratio of primary and additional insurance coverage. Restrictions, and for some non-guaranteed reinsurance critical illness additional risks, need to be renewed every year, if the physical health changes, there is a risk of increased premiums or denied insurance, it is worth noting. Insurance network tips: In summary, the insurance coverage of critical illness insurance does not have a fixed value. When purchasing, you should purchase according to your actual situation. At the same time, the choice of primary insurance and additional insurance should be clear.


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