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On April 23 this year, affected by the cold wave and cold air, 13 prefectures suffered from extreme weather such as rain, snow, wind, dust and cooling. After the most serious natural disasters in the same period in recent years, China Insurance Insurance The two-level company immediately launched an emergency plan, established a green claims channel, and prepaid 50 million indemnities to the disaster-stricken division for the purchase of seeds, plastic film, fertilizer, drip irrigation belts and other materials to help the team staff quickly resume production. In fact, this case is only a microcosm of China Insurance's 28-year-old agricultural insurance for rapid disaster relief and active social responsibility. Since its establishment in 1986, China Insurance has carried out large-scale agricultural insurance within the scope of the Corps. From 1986 to 2006, China Insurance has accumulated a total of 173.75 million mu of various crops and 12.28 million livestock, and accumulated compensation of nearly 1.8 billion. It is understood that after China Insurance's move, it still actively serves the “three rural”. From 2007 to 2013, China Insurance provided 540.608 billion risk insurance protection services for 127 million households. The annual agricultural insurance risk protection will be expanded to 209.689 billion, the service farmers will grow to 32.789 million, and the service area will be expanded to cover 20 provinces (autonomous regions), 1016 (group), more than 6,000, and more than 70,000. The area has grown to 405.4 million mu. The service scope covers 86 varieties of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, deputy and fishery. The number of beneficiary households has expanded to 5.17 million households, and insurance for major insurance such as wheat, cotton, corn and rice. The responsibilities gradually expanded and the level of protection gradually increased. Innovative technology to enhance professional capabilities In the process of operating agricultural insurance, China Insurance has continuously improved the professional management capacity of agricultural insurance, and through technical demonstration and project management, established expert groups and technology demonstration sites to enhance the technical content of agricultural insurance and improve service capabilities and levels. On December 4 last year, China Insurance and the National Information Technology Engineering Research Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement and held the unveiling ceremony of the "Integrated Laboratory of Insurance Geographic Information Technology", which officially opened the prelude to the development of agricultural insurance technology innovation. Spatial geographic information technology (UAV and satellite remote sensing technology), to build a remote sensing information collection platform, analysis platform and display platform closely linked with the whole process management of agricultural insurance. It is reported that the technology has been piloted in science and technology applications in 2013, and other places. Last summer, the province suffered from heavy rainfall in the Yellow River area, which led to large-scale corn disasters in the province. China Insurance Branch introduced quantitative remote sensing and digital measurement and control technology for the first time, and carried out satellite remote sensing technology in the three disaster-stricken areas. Aircraft flight, GPS ground fixed-point sampling three-in-one comprehensive means for agricultural disaster investigation. The survey personnel only need to go to the affected area to conduct fixed-point sampling and carry out technical analysis remotely, avoiding blindness and human factors interference during on-site investigation. At the beginning of 2013, China Insurance initiated the 3G remote survey technology of agricultural insurance, which introduced 3G technology in the survey and damage process of aquaculture insurance, and optimized and re-engineered the control process by using new technologies and new methods to improve work efficiency, reduce survey cost and prevent moral hazard. . After the application of the technology, the investigation time of the case was reduced from the original one hour to 10 minutes, and the cost of the investigation was reduced from the original 50 to less than 2, effectively monitoring the objectives of the on-site investigation and greatly shortening the settlement period of the claims. Greatly improved the quality and level of the company's agricultural insurance customer service. Innovative R&D and Exploration Products In terms of innovative agricultural insurance products, China Insurance also took action. Last year, the China Insurance Corporation concentrated its business backbone, revised and reported more than 500 regional insurance provisions and general provisions of various branches of the whole system. At present, the company's agricultural insurance business has covered 86 varieties and 602 products to provide service production. A strong guarantee. Known as “Potato”, China Insurance seized the opportunity of potato insurance premiums to be included in the scope of financial subsidies, and timely developed the only large-scale production value insurance pilot products, and established a potato planting insurance demonstration under the guidance of the Insurance Regulatory Bureau. Area. The product includes drought and pests and diseases for the first time in the scope of the main insurance liability, covering all external risks of the potato growth period; based on the product of the output and the average price, it not only improves the scientific degree of agricultural insurance products, but also is simple and clear, and is conducive to insurance. Farmers understand better. At the same time, the deductible rate setting is cancelled to ensure that the farmers can compensate for the total insured amount and recover the materialized cost, thus truly retaining the lowest “line” of the farmers. In the same year, China Insurance paid a total of 76,000 farmers, and the affected households were compensated 238.2. The new agricultural insurance products will be a new growth point and highlight of agricultural insurance development in this period from now to now. Therefore, under the premise of risk control and steady advancement, China Insurance said that this year will further accelerate product innovation and research and development. In terms of insurance for local agricultural products, the reporter learned in an interview that China Insurance is actively exploring local businesses and exploring the development of facility agricultural insurance, vegetable insurance and modern crop seed industry insurance; at the same time, they are actively exploring Commercial agricultural insurance business, actively serving the field economy in leading enterprises, large-scale farming and credit insurance cooperation. In terms of price index insurance, China Insurance actively participates in the pilot work of vegetable price index insurance and other provinces' price index insurance, fully cooperates with branch companies to formulate price index insurance plans and assists branch companies to develop related products. Innovative management and perfecting the risk control mechanism Focusing on the implementation of the “three rural” policy, China Insurance focuses on accelerating management innovation, optimizing operational procedures, focusing on services, and gradually establishing a comprehensive prevention mechanism for “three rural” risks with China Insurance. In the response to natural disasters, they established a rapid response emergency mechanism, coordinated response to the disaster prevention and loss prevention mechanism, and organized experts to actively investigate and determine damage, assist in production self-help, guide on-site disaster relief, and implement post-disaster compensation. According to reports, China Insurance strictly follows the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Finance and the central government subsidized planting insurance business, starting from 2007, strictly in accordance with regulations.With regard to the catastrophe risk reserve, at present, China Insurance has made provision for the disaster risk reserve in accordance with the “Measures for the Management of Agricultural Insurance Catastrophic Risk Reserves” promulgated by the Ministry of Finance in 2014. This measure will definitely be the development of the company's agricultural insurance. lay a solid foundation. In addition, in order to diversify business risks in various aspects, China Insurance has properly arranged commercial reinsurance every year, and further ensured stable operation through the arrangement of over-compensation and contracted contracts. China Insurance strictly follows the requirements of the “Property Insurance Company Reinsurance Management Regulations” to strengthen the management of reinsurer qualifications. When contractual reinsurance, comprehensive consideration of the reinsurer’s professional qualifications, financial security and support for company contracts is carried out. Reinsurance recipients choose. The company's agricultural insurance reinsurance contract recipients have all rated the A-B-A rating and the foreign chief re-insurer rating is AA.


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