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Parents buy insurance for children to avoid the three misunderstandings. The only child is the common choice of modern families. The three generations of the whole family are focused on one child. Many parents buy child insurance for the long-term protection of their children, but they do not understand insurance. Demand and insurance planning are easy to get into the wrong zone. Then, what problems should parents pay to avoid when they buy insurance for children? The financial planner of insurance believes that, first, protect the parents after the child is guaranteed. Parents often put their children's needs first, but the most important protection for their children comes from their parents. Parents have no guarantees, and in the event of an accident, the entire family has lost its source of income. Therefore, when purchasing child insurance, parents must first do their own insurance plan, in order to protect their children's insurance. Second, insurance purchases are not balanced. In the growth period of children, not only the risk of children suffering accidents, but also the economic strength of the parents as well as the pressure of the environment and resources. Many parents are unreasonable in the risk of accidental or savings when purchasing child insurance. The correct approach should be to rationally allocate households and portfolios, and to fully and comprehensively guarantee. Third, the insurance period is too long. Parents want to pave the way for their children's future. Therefore, when purchasing child insurance, it is not correct to buy insurance with a longer insurance period. First of all, the insurance with a longer insurance period is a test for the family's economic strength. Second, products with an excessive insurance period will gradually lose their pertinence due to the growth of the child. On the contrary, products that choose the appropriate insurance period can be based on the future. The actual situation is planned and improved by the child's own insurance.


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