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After the car insurance of the owner is expired, it must be renewed, and the renewal of the car insurance is also a key issue. What should the car insurance renew? What the car owner must not only find the right insurance company, but also choose the appropriate insurance. In this way, we can buy the most suitable and cost-effective car insurance at the best price. What do you pay attention to when you renew your car insurance? The choice of the first insurance company is now a lot of insurance companies, big and small, and the competition between insurance companies is very fierce. There are also many auto insurance agent channels for profit. When the owner renews the insurance, he must choose a formal insurance company, so that he can avoid the misinformation of the intermediary and get better claims after the vehicle is out of danger. What to pay attention to? The age of the second vehicle is relatively high due to the damage of the new car owner. Therefore, the selected insurance must be comprehensive, and the main insurance and the additional insurance are all necessary. However, if the age is longer, The owner must purchase the third party liability insurance and the vehicle personnel insurance. Other automobile insurance types must be determined according to the individual's situation. What? The number of times of the third vehicle's insurance If the owner's vehicle has more dangerous times, it is likely to increase the premium when renewing the insurance. There are often two cases of auto insurance renewal. One is to renew the insurance, and all have purchased the auto insurance. The owner of the car knows that every insurance company can share data, so the situation of premiums is also unavoidable. There is also the renewal of commercial insurance, what is the car insurance renewal notice? The fourth car insurance renewal time if the owner The vehicle is not renewed in time, so the car owner will increase the premium when the car insurance is followed. There are many car owners who are not renewed in time, so that the car is in a streaking state, if the owner’s vehicle is here. If there is a traffic accident in a period of time, the insurance company will not pay for it. Regarding the car insurance renewal notice, the above has been introduced in detail to remind the owner that the car insurance must be renewed in time when the car insurance expires. Otherwise, it will be its own. Bring huge losses.


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