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There are many periods of vehicle accident insurance during the current period of protection, ranging from a few days to a year. In general, the period of insurance purchased should not be less than the number of days traveled or traveled. For example, most people go to work with friends or family for a short trip because they are busy at work. In this case, you can choose short-term accident insurance. The advantage of this type of short-term accident insurance is that you can enjoy insurance services for a specific period of time by paying a small amount of premium. The downside is that people who travel frequently or travel frequently need to re-purchase each time, and it is easy to have a guarantee period. Therefore, it is recommended that office workers, business people who travel frequently, novice drivers, self-driving tourists, and travellers purchase long-term vehicle accident insurance. This kind of product can save the trouble of multiple purchases and the price is more affordable. It is inevitable to take all kinds of transportation when traveling within the scope of protection. It is especially important to choose a comprehensive range of vehicle accident insurance. Experts suggest that insurance products that cover comprehensive coverage such as airplanes, ships, trains, and subways such as subways and light rails will be selected. In this way, no matter which kind of transportation is chosen during the trip, it can be fully protected. Insured amount Generally speaking, the principle of selecting the insurance product protection limit should not be lower than the risk that it bears, and must be consistent with its own economic strength. Before you buy, if you can assess the risks you face and set an expectation for the amount of protection you want, you can better determine the amount of protection you buy. If economic conditions permit, it is recommended to choose a traffic accident insurance product with a higher amount of protection.


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