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After the college student loaned the mobile phone, he still

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According to the people's report, on the 12th of this month, the freshman student Xiaocheng was in the mobile phone store of the Baiyu Road in Hongshan District, and bought an Apple 6S mobile phone with a zero down payment installment loan. After paying off the mobile phone loan, the financial The company's customer service, it still has a record of arrears. Recently, the victim Xiaocheng was seen on the first floor of the Cyber ​​Plaza. It is understood that at the time, he was introduced by an unfamiliar school sister, saying that he could get an Apple mobile phone for free here. After he arrived, he filled out the registration form and found the loan application form signed with CMA CGM. Although I got the mobile phone without spending money, the monthly loan interest rate is 1.11%. From next month, I have to pay 341 every month. I have to pay 24 months for the total. The original price of 4,900 mobile phones will eventually be 8184. After learning the news, I came to the mobile phone store the next day and paid off the mobile phone payment in full. A person from a financial company who handles loans for Xiaocheng said that it was clear with Xiaocheng that it was a phased loan purchase of mobile phones. Now that the money has been settled, the loan application form will not be handed over. On the 18th, Xiaocheng called the customer service of the financial company, and still checked the arrears record, and worried about it. Then came to this mobile phone shop, the boss said that he and the financial company is a cooperative relationship, customers to buy mobile phones, financial companies provide instalment loans. Mr. Ren, a related person of CMA CGM, said that he had already paid off his mobile phone payment. He will handle the matter for Xiaocheng. According to the company's process, the arrears record will be eliminated this Friday.


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