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College student business loan application process

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The entrepreneurial loan for college students is an unsecured and unsecured student credit loan issued by banks and other fund-issuing institutions to college students (college students, undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, etc.). College students' entrepreneurial loans are the entrepreneurial preferential measures provided by the state to college students. In order to support college students' entrepreneurship, the state governments at various levels have introduced many preferential policies, including financing, opening, taxation, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship guidance and many other aspects of entrepreneurial policies. The application process for college students' entrepreneurial loans is as follows: 1. Entrepreneurship loan acceptance. The applicant submits an application to the University Student Pioneer Park Management Service Center and submits the relevant application materials, which is subject to the preliminary examination by the University Student Pioneer Park Management Service Center; 2. The entrepreneurial loan review. For the object and amount of commercial loan interest subsidy approved by the first instance, the personnel bureau and the relevant departments of the Finance Bureau shall review the materials applied for the interest subsidy of commercial loans according to the factors of industry orientation, enterprise scale, employment number, registered capital and profits and taxes, and approve the discount. Amount; 3. Business loan publicity. The assessed interest and interest subsidy of the commercial loan approved by the appraisal will be publicized by the Personnel Bureau and the applicant's unit or community. The publicity period is 5 working days; 4. The business loan is approved. If there is no objection after the publication, the Personnel Bureau will issue a notice of approval; 5. The loan for the establishment of the business. According to the approval notice, the Finance Bureau will allocate funds from the special funds for supporting college students' self-employment after the interest-paying objects provide interest-bearing vouchers.


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