Credit card installment is good, credit card installment and

Since the credit card business, people who have used credit cards feel that it is too convenient to use, but when they want to buy a long-awaited home appliance or a large amount of goods, they find that they have no money in their hands. Many people will think of lending to banks when they are looking for funding channels. However, bank loan loans are not for anyone to borrow, even if the review is passed, the time before and after will make you wait anxious. Xiaobian believes that credit card installment payment is more suitable for ordinary people. Let's take a look at the benefits of credit card installment payments.

One: The application process is simpler

Bank loan: Under normal circumstances, the application bank's consumer loan process will be very complicated, and the applicant needs to provide various kinds of certification materials, such as: identification, repayment ability certificate, related contract and even It is the guarantee agreement of the guarantee company. At the same time, it is necessary to provide the collateral, pledge or guarantee guarantee approved by the loan bank. The object of the consumer loan must also be the designated use approved by the bank. Even if the applicant provides complete materials, bank loan approval is a long process.

Credit card installment: Credit card installment is much simpler. As long as the credit card you have applied has the installment payment function, you can call the manual customer service phone number, you can apply for the billing instalment or a single large instalment, or purchase the goods at the designated merchant or online. The process is simple and no guarantees and materials are required.

Two: Credit card installment has a cost advantage

Now for the promotion of credit card installment business, there is also a payment-free interest. The loan is subject to a high commission. Due to the fierce competition between the credit card businesses of various banks, the handling fee rate of many bank credit card installments is very low. For example, if you use a bank credit card to apply for a 12-month installment, the handling fee ratio after conversion is 7.92%, 24 The monthly fee payable is only 16.32%.

III: Wide range of consumer objects, no need to specify

Bank loans: In order to reduce the risk of loans, general banks only provide designated consumption loans, and require the applicant to sign a basic sales contract with the seller before approval.

Credit card installment: The credit card installment payment is not restricted, especially for any type of installment payment. The cardholder only needs to swipe the card when purchasing the goods, and notify the bank by phone after the purchase to complete the installment. Most people's consumer needs.

Through the above comparison, bank loan PK credit card staging business, obviously credit card staging has a big advantage, cardholders can not worry about how to lend, how to lend, as long as your credit card amount is enough, you can buy the favorite goods That's it. The method is very simple. You can easily complete the credit card installment repayment by calling the customer service phone before the last repayment date. You don't need to run the bank at home, and you don't need any qualification certificate. You can pay back the loan on time. Of course, not all banks' credit card installment fee ratios are lower than the loan benchmark interest rate. Cardholders should pay attention to comparison when purchasing instalments, and choose the credit card and installment method with the lowest rate. Before staging, be sure to know the handling fee for your credit card installment.