Infant precocious puberty can only be paid for with addition

According to insurance experts, accident insurance refers to the insured’s insurance period when the insured person suffers from an unintentional, foreign, unexpected accident (non-disease factor) during the insurance period, and the body suffers injury and is disabled or killed. A personal insurance that is contractually agreed to pay insurance premiums.

Because accident insurance is suitable for immediate injury, if it is caused by drinking milk powder, it is undoubtedly a long-term accumulation process, and the reaction during the period is very complicated. It is impossible to determine that milk powder is the “fierce” that directly leads to precocious puberty, so it is not accident insurance. Within the scope of compensation.

In addition, because critical illness insurance has a clear classification of major diseases, precocious puberty is not among them, so it is impossible to claim.

Experts say that only some additional medical insurance can be paid on the field.

Additional medical insurance generally has two categories, one is reimbursement for hospitalization expenses, and the other is daily hospitalization.

As an additional insurance for the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses, the insurance period is the same as the main insurance. The insurance amount can be the same as the main insurance, or it can be agreed otherwise.

Generally, the medical insurance premium is paid by means of compensation, not only the insurance amount, but also the treatment period. The treatment period is generally 90 days, 180 days or 360 days, and can be delayed until the end of the insurance period from the date of the insured person's accidental injury.

It is worth noting that instead of all the drug bills, the insurance company can be fully reimbursed, but selectively reimbursed. For example, whether bed fees, imported drugs, etc. are reimbursed, the rules of each company are different.