What are the applicable objects of personal comprehensive co

I. Basic situation of loans

Personal comprehensive consumer loans refer to the currency-guaranteed loans issued by borrowing applicants for specified consumption purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, housing renovation, consumer durables, education spending, travel and medical use.

The term of the loan shall not exceed 5 years (inclusive) in principle; the term of the loan for medical and study abroad may be up to 8 years (inclusive); the mortgage for the person's house or commercial house may be up to 15 years (including ).

II. Applicable object

1. Citizens with full civil capacity, aged below 65 weeks (inclusive), have permanent residence, permanent residence or valid residence certificate;

2. Have a proper occupation and stability, Have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time;

3. Have a good willingness to repay, no bad credit record in our bank and other financial institutions;

4. Can provide legal, valid and reliable guarantees approved by our bank;

5. Have a clear use of the loan, and the use of the loan meets the relevant regulations;

6. Open a personal settlement account with the Bank;

7. Other conditions stipulated by the lender.

III. Loan interest rate

The loan interest rate will rise above 15% on the basis of the bank's corresponding term loan benchmark interest rate. The interest rate of ICBC loans also fluctuates within this range.

IV. Repayment method

If the loan term is within 1 year (inclusive), it can be paid monthly, monthly/three months/six months/one-time), repayment method, one-time refund The principal and interest repayment method;

If the loan term exceeds one year, the monthly principal and interest, the same amount of principal repayment, the weekly repayment of interest, and the repayment method will be adopted.