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How to distinguish the authenticity of the loan company?

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With the increasing popularity of loans, the loan market is extremely hot. In addition to bank loans, there are more and more loan companies. Many scammers also took the opportunity to mix into the ranks of loan companies, and all kinds of false advertisements attracted people to be deceived. Everyone must investigate carefully before lending to avoid being cheated. The following small series will tell you the skills to distinguish the true and false of the loan company. 1. The loan scam is eaten all over the world with a “advance charge”. When the borrower gives the first money to the scammer, it is difficult to close the hand. More than 50% of the borrowers are in the process of being defrauded by the same loan. The number of remittances exceeds 2, and the number of remittances exceeds 3, ranging from hundreds to thousands, and thousands to tens of thousands. 2. Under normal circumstances, the small loan company has requirements for the lender's conditions, and will review the materials submitted by the lender before it can be released. Everyone must go to a regular loan company, because the loan company can check the company's business status in the local bureau to see if it has formal business qualifications. 3. When the borrower sees that a “mini-loan company” has issued an unsecured loan on the Internet, it must be considered. How to verify it is actually very simple. According to the business address mentioned by the company, you only need to go to the local portal to make inquiries, you can get the information of the formal institution's address, contact information, etc. If it is different from the information you see online, there is no doubt that What you are experiencing is a loan liar. 4. Regular lending institutions have fixed office locations and fixed telephones. If the loan company provides you with a mobile phone number, you need to be more guarded. 5. The formal small loan company signs the loan agreement opposite the agreement between the two parties, and the fraud company will notify by phone, SMS or qq. 6. The formal small loan company collects the loan handling fee, which is collected after the loan is released. It may be collected in installments or paid in one lump sum. For fraud companies, they usually require a certain fee, management fee, deposit, etc. before the loan is released. Xiao Bian reminds everyone that we must learn to distinguish whether the lending institution is formal, be cautious and careful, and then proceed with the loan. Don't trust those enticing advertisements to avoid being deceived.


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