Correct understanding of foreign exchange knowledge loss

Forex field is an important financial trading field. To enter the market, you must first master the basic foreign exchange knowledge, such as the choice of currency, the trading time and the way of managing the funds in the transaction process. You should also pay attention to the operation process. It is an understanding of the loss of the transaction. This article mainly introduces this issue.

The adjustment of the central state of the foreign exchange field is very important. Rejecting losses is the root cause of the bad mentality of the transaction. The first thing to be clear is that loss is a normal phenomenon in trading, and losses are inevitable. Profits and losses are like people's left and right feet. Successful profits are made up of losses and profits. The profit and loss process constitutes a transaction, and no one can split the combination of profit and loss. The existence of the field is mutual. There is no profit or loss-only transaction. The key to the problem is that most investors treat losses as wrong transactions.

The key to the problem lies in this. Most investors do not accurately deal with the trading in the field, and treat the loss as a wrong transaction. They think that the loss is their own mistake, so they need to accurately analyze the forecast field to reduce the The amount of damage. However, the uncertainty of the market is objective and the field cannot be predicted at all. If you are hesitant to enter and exit, the stop loss will be more decisive. Even if the money management is good, you will lose the trading opportunity because you are afraid to do the wrong and effectively execute the trading plan.

Loss is the price that must be paid for a transaction to make a profit. It is the normal cost of finding a profit opportunity. Any profit must be paid. We clearly understand that we can accept losses in a frank manner. Only by mastering the basic knowledge of stocks can we accept the loss trading mentality and not be stable due to the uncertainty of the field. In addition, the management of losses must be controlled by funds and cannot be allowed to develop without restrictions.

The stop loss in the foreign exchange field is very important, but it is only an important part of the field. The trading process is the most important. For details, please refer to the important points of the foreign exchange knowledge transaction.