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How long can a mortgage be mortgaged?

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When you need money urgently, if you have a property that can mortgage, it will be easier to apply. Applying for a real estate mortgage is extremely popular even for banks with high demand for loans. Going to the bank to apply for a mortgage on the property, because the bank's approval process is cumbersome, the time for lending will be longer. If it is fast, it can be loaned for 15-30 working days. Slower is about 1-2 months. This is obviously not a good loan option for those who are eager to use money. It is slow to go to the bank to apply for mortgage loans, but in addition to banks, you can also choose to apply for a loan from a local loan company. Loan company loan lending time is relatively fast, mainly because the loan company approval process is relatively simple, not as cumbersome as the bank's real estate mortgage. If you are fast, you can apply for a mortgage on a loan company for about 1-7 business days. However, the premise is that the applicant has prepared the information before applying. There are many ways to handle mortgage loans, and different ways to handle mortgages vary. Let's take a look at the ways to handle mortgages, and how much time is up. 1. Banks Steady and steady has always been the style of the bank, the personality of the bank, not only the borrower's personal qualifications should be reviewed, and the mortgage procedures are more stable, so usually half a month of successful loans. Of course, if you use the assistance of the guarantee company to handle the expedited procedures, the loan speed can be increased to 10 working days. However, you need to pay attention to the expedited fee is an insurmountable link. 2. Non-bank financial institutions The efficiency of non-bank financial institutions in the industry is outstanding and efficient. It involves housing mortgage loans. When the procedures are complete, it can be completed in about 2 working days. The reason why it is fast is not only the resilience of non-bank financial institutions, but also the fact that it has passed the review of the borrower's personal qualifications and took a shortcut. There are several links in the middle of a mortgage, such as evaluation, inquiries, mortgage registration, and so on. As for the specific loan time, we must also look at the progress of these links. Preparing relevant information in advance will make the approval faster.


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