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The amount of venture loan has doubled and the total amount

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The State Council recently issued the "Opinions on Further Improving Employment and Entrepreneurship under the New Situation" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), and deployed to further promote employment and encourage entrepreneurship to stabilize employment and help development. The "Opinions" proposed that the small-guaranteed loans were adjusted to start-up guarantee loans, and the maximum amount was uniformly adjusted to 100,000 (previously 50,000). The "Opinions" put forward that we should continue to expand the employment development strategy, take stability and expand employment as the lower limit of the reasonable range of economic operation, and add new employment and survey unemployment rate as important indicators of macroeconomic regulation and control, and incorporate them into the national economic and social development plan and annual plan. Develop industries that absorb strong employability. Play the role of the main channel of employment in small and micro enterprises. Actively prevent and effectively regulate the risk of unemployment, and extend the scope of implementation of the unemployment insurance fund support enterprise stable policy to all eligible enterprises. Actively promote entrepreneurship to drive employment. We will create a relaxed and convenient access environment, deepen the reform of the commercial system, and issue the business license, organization code certificate, and tax registration certificate “three certificates in one” reform opinions during the year to realize “one photo and one yard” and promote “one address and multiple photos”. , registration of housing registration and other housing registration reforms. Support the development of the guarantee loan, adjust the small-guaranteed loan to the business-guaranteed loan, the maximum amount is uniformly adjusted to 100,000, and the part of the personal loan that rises by 3 percentage points on the basis of the loan-based interest rate is subject to fiscal interest subsidy. Increase the intensity of tax reductions and reductions, and adjust the scope of the company's employment tax incentives from one year of unemployment to more than half a year of unemployment, and promote the pilot policy of pre-tax deduction of employee education funds. To mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific research entrepreneurs, and to support professional and technical personnel such as universities and research institutes to work in and out of business, and to retain personnel relations within three years after agreeing to leave the company. Coordinate the promotion of employment of key groups such as college graduates. Small and micro enterprises can enjoy a one-year social security subsidy for college graduates in the graduation year. The scope of the job subsidy for difficult graduates is extended to graduates who receive national student loans. Strengthen employment assistance for people in need to ensure that at least one person in zero-employment families and low-income families is employed. Do a good job in labor transfer employment and retired military employment. Strengthen employment and entrepreneurship services and vocational training. Improve the level of equalization, standardization and specialization of public employment and entrepreneurship services, accelerate informationization, and strive to eliminate institutional barriers and employment discrimination that affect equal employment in cities, industries, identities, gender, and disability. Permanent residents of the city can register for unemployment in their permanent residence. Strengthen vocational training and entrepreneurship training, focus on the implementation of vocational skills upgrading and job transfer for unemployed people, and support enterprises to carry out new apprenticeship training. The minimum living security object that allows for employment or self-employment is deducted from the necessary employment costs when accounting for households.


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