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Why do you have any advantage in choosing an ICBC home loan?

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Now, home purchase loans are the most popular loan products in the loan market, and major banks have also launched their own mortgage products. It is understood that many friends will choose ICBC housing loans. Below we will talk about the ICBC home purchase loans. Advantage. It is understood that ICBC's personal housing loans are rich in variety, with pure commercial loans, housing provident fund loans, commercial bank loans + housing provident fund loans and other modes for customers to choose. In addition to this, ICBC's personal housing loans also have the following advantages: First, the loan period is long, the general loan period is about 20 years, and the longest can reach 30 years; Second, the loan amount is high, and the loan amount can be reached at the maximum. 70% of the value of the purchased house; Third, the loan lending rate is fast, ICBC's personal housing loan approval speed is significantly higher than other similar banks, and can be successfully processed in about one week; Fourth, flexible repayment method, loan application The person can choose the repayment method according to his actual situation and realize the flexible and free repayment method. ICBC is allowed to pay off the mortgage in advance. Fifth, the loan interest rate is low, ICBC's personal housing loan interest rate is relatively low, and the first home loan lenders and quality customers are offered discounts, they can enjoy the first home loan preferential interest rate. For housing loans, buyers are most concerned about loan quotas and interest rates, while ICBC's home purchase loans have advantages. Not only are the loan quotas high, but the interest rates on loans are also relatively low.


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