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Three types of bank venture loan products that entrepreneurs

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According to data from the Bloomberg China Rich List and the Asian Rich List on May 1, Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin surpassed Li Ka-shing to become the new richest man in Asia with a total of 38.1 billion. As soon as this news came out, some netizens ridiculed the "national husband" Wang Sicong as the richest man in Asia. Everyone is watching the official. After seeing this news, is it that the five flavors are mixed? The current society is not looking at the face or watching the money, and it is no wonder that more and more people are engaged in entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is not a word for you, you still need to have enough funds to support it. Wang Sicong’s father has the money to give him 500 million yuan to start a business. Although you don’t have “壕” dad, there are financial institutions to back up, in fact, psychological You can balance it a bit. Now I recommend several bank venture loan products for entrepreneurs for reference. Product 1: Guangfa Bank “Businessman Card” “Businessman Card” is a product tailored by Guangfa Bank for small and micro enterprises. The borrower can obtain credit by virtue of his valid identity document, business license and lease certificate, without providing collateral. After the credit line is granted, the borrower can obtain bank loan support at any time like a credit card, and pay one day interest. Product 2: Bank “Entrepreneurship Card” The bank “Entrepreneurship Card” is a technology and financial product tailored by the Bank of China, the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center and other units for the “2015 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 4th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” to have payment settlement. The Bank of China Unit Settlement Card is a carrier that provides financial services to eligible participating companies. Product 3: Bank of Communications “Wen Chuang Loan” “Wen Chuang Lending” is mainly for cultural enterprises such as publishing film and television, animation games, advertising media and cultural performances. It is reported that as long as the borrowing enterprise meets the relevant policies and conditions of the Bank of Communications, it can obtain an ultra-low interest rate of about 10% of the benchmark interest rate. However, the borrower needs the local transportation bank. Of course, in addition to bank venture loan products, if the borrower can provide collateral that meets the requirements, it can also solve the problem of capital turnover by handling mortgage loans.


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