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buy insurance coverage for children ahead of investment demand

"Children are young and easy to get sick, I want to buy him an insurance, what choice?" Mr. Min Wang recently wanted to buy insurance for children, but children's insurance I don't know how to choose a variety. "My focus is on health protection, and investment is not considered for the time being." According to industry insiders, according to Mr. Wang's request, the protection of children's insurance is more suitable.

At present, the most common children's insurance is education gold insurance. The price of such products is relatively high, and its focus is on fixed return and dividends, but the amount of protection is small.

Taking an education gold insurance product as an example, the annual premium is more than 4,000. The child can receive the corresponding education fund in 4 different age groups. The fixed return is a little profit, and there is an uncertain dividend income, but The product has a guarantee of only 10,000.

For parents with long-term investment needs, education gold insurance products are a good choice, and for parents like Mr. Wang who are more focused on protection and want to not pay too much premiums, you may wish to choose some pure security for your child. Children's insurance.

Guaranteed children's insurance products are broadly divided into two categories, one is children's critical illness insurance, and the other is comprehensive health protection plan. The former focuses on the protection of common major diseases, while the latter takes into account multiple aspects such as accident clinics and surgical subsidies.

product comparison

severe disease category: insurance amount

Take a company's children's critical illness protection plan as an example, the product covers 30 kinds of children's common serious diseases and a special high-risk disease for children - leukemia. The annual premium is 3,600, and it is paid for 10 years, totaling 36,000. The basic insurance amount that can be obtained is about 300,000, and it can be guaranteed to 30.

If the insured 30 does not have a risk when it expires, you will receive a maturity insurance premium of 39,600, which is equivalent to 110% of the premium paid.

[Comment] This product has a higher design for critical illness, and the design of the return period is also more "appetite" for ordinary people. However, because it is specifically designed for children with severe illness, its coverage is not as comprehensive as the comprehensive protection plan.

Comprehensive category: Guaranteed comprehensive

Take a company's children's health protection plan as an example, pay 3146 per year, pay the child to 18 weeks, the child can get heavy illness protection on the one hand, including 22 kinds of severe illness 100,000 insured amount, extra pediatric leukemia The payment is 30% to reach 115,000. On the other hand, you can also get daily medical insurance, including 5000/time accident hospitalization and emergency medical insurance; 1000/time hospitalization expenses compensation; 1000/time surgery fee compensation (including outpatient surgery); 10/day hospitalization stickers (up to 180 days/time) and so on.

[Comment] Compared with the previous children's critical illness insurance, in the case of similar annual premiums, the weight and coverage of this product has decreased, but the daily medical protection has been significantly improved. .


It is not difficult to see from the above case that for parents who are concerned about the protection of major illnesses, they can choose more targeted products for children with severe illness, and for parents who pay more attention to the comprehensive and balanced protection, choose A comprehensive protection plan will be more appropriate.

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned protection plans are mainly for the products that are sold with the insurance, and the main insurance is the two-insurance.

online insurance price is low

For example, a company's online sales of children's critical illness insurance, this product can provide 18 kinds of children's common major illness insurance, if you choose 100,000 insured annual premium is only 200. Compared with thousands of critical illness insurance, the price of this product is relatively low, but the scope of protection is relatively simple, only for several major diseases.